Prayer needed: GPA in “difficult/dangerous” Mali, Dr. Richard leaving on 4-country Africa trip

Dear friends,

GPA Mali – a difficult and dangerous undertaking

Mali is one of the most difficult and dangerous places in the world for anyone, let mali_small_mapalone Christians. It is also one of the world’s poorest nations. Yet right now, three courageous and committed Dallas GPA grads are holding a national GPA for 21 Malian pastors who have braved threats of terrorism, war and Ebola to attend.

Pastor MO, the sole Dallas GPA grad from Mali (2007), traveled two weeks one way to GPA Togo last September to observe a national GPA in process. He then single-handedly organized GPA Mali, with fellow Dallas grads Pastor MN from Burundi (2012) and Pastor MS from Togo (2013) joining him as master coaches. By the opening day of November 14, only 15 of the anticipated 25 delegates had arrived. Others had started their journeys two days ahead of time, but were still held up by various difficulties. The team worked hard to encourage them to persevere.

“Every day since we came the news is not encouraging,” Pastor MS wrote Sunday. “The state of Ebola is increasing and there is a lot of fear in the city. But because of Christ we are more than conquerors…. I am starting the ‘Scripture Sculpture’ and need your prayers to be effective while teaching.”

Yesterday we received communication from Pastor MN: “We have started well and are grateful to God for His grace. We have 21 ministers of the Gospel. We are thankful for them. However, one has lost a child in his church. Please pray for him and his church family.”

Both expressed thankfulness to be part of the Global Proclamation Commission, serving “among passionate people making Jesus Christ known and the Church healthier by equipping pastors to teach and preach sound biblical messages”–even, and specifically, in Mali. As Pastor MN declared, “May all the glory be to God.”

Please pray earnestly with us for the organizers and pastors of GPA Mali, and for their churches and families.

Dr. Ramesh Richard – upcoming proclamation trip in Africa

Dr. Richard leaves today, Tuesday, November 18, for a 14-day, four-country trip to Southern and Eastern Africa. Please pray that he will be able to meet about 25 key pastoral trainers in each country–Malawi, South Africa, Ethiopia and Uganda–regarding the Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers. This weekend he is to speak at an apologetics conference and at Dallas GPA grad Pastor F’s church in Lilongwe. Next week he is speaking at a pastors conference and evangelistic event in Uganda. This will be his first time away from home over Thanksgiving in 38 years. He is also preparing for a number of key engagements taking place immediately upon his return.

Please pray for Christ-likeness, capacity and creativity for Dr. Richard, as well as the Lord’s total protection and global provision on him and all with whom he will come in contact.

Requests from the pastors we serve

Dear Friends,

Please take a moment to pray over these situations, sent to us by pastors ministering in very difficult places. It has been Dr. Richard’s great privilege to serve these pastors and others like them through Global Proclamation Academies or pastors conferences throughout the years. Names have been withheld for protection.

DR Congo pastor:

Aug. 30: “The security situation in and around Goma has worsened. We have cancelled our day of prayer because of the bombing going on in Goma. Pray for the protection of the town of Bunia, where a rebel movement is at war for the last week. We have the Ugandan army that has invaded the country in the North, 180 kms from Bunia. All of this is threatening security around us.”

Sept. 18: “Thank you so very much for praying for us. I am well and my family too. We are busy. Of late I have been raising food to feed the displaced people because of the war 25 miles away from my town. I was able to raise seven tons of rice, 2.5 tons of beans and cooking oil to feed 2,500 people. Tremendous needs, keep praying.”

Syrian pastor:

Aug. 27: “Last week was so hard on Damascus. More than 60 mortars fell on the city of which the majority fell on the Christian Quarter in Damascus after being sent by the Opposition gangs of Islamic Radical Groups.

On Thursday August 22, a mortar fell near my uncle (My mother’s brother), an old man of 76 years. The Mortar fragments hit his legs and he was bleeding for 4 hours. After spending two days at the ER, uncle George passed away.”

Sept. 5: “Maloula is a Syrian village located in the rocky mountains 60 km north of Damascus city. It is one of the only three villages in the whole world that its inhabitants – Christians & Moslems – live peacefully together and still speak Aramaic the language of Lord Jesus Christ.

On September 4, 2013 Maloula was attacked by opposition armed groups in order to put under their control. Its Ancient Churches, Monasteries, Christian heritage & people, all are threatened of being destroyed after being harmed by the attack.

We appeal to all sisters & brothers around the world to raise the awareness of the danger facing ancient heritage & people in Syria. Please try to do something to save it.”

For His glory,

Edie Ross
prayer coordinator

P.S. RREACH recently was able to disburse funds to Syrian pastors through the Pastor’s Family Care Fund to help with children’s school fees and other needs. Please join us in praising God for the provision of these funds and the opportunity to minister to pastors serving in difficult areas.