Some answers to prayer!

Dear praying friends,

In brief:

  • Answer to prayer: Dr. Richard just completed two undisturbed, productive days of writing!
  • Keep praying for the possibility of a pre-evangelistic event with opinion leaders, people of influence and affluence, in Paraguay and other places.
  • Praise God for’s growth to 7,142 curated pastoral training resources in more than 30 languages.
  • The Dallas GPA is nearly here; pray for 25 pastors and Holy Spirit-empowered preparation. Also pray for a national GPA in a dangerous region starting June 1.

The bigger picture:

Thank you for praying: Dr. Richard was able to dedicate a few days to writing this week and progressed well on a project. Please ask for his continued creativity and productivity.

Another answer to prayer! A RREACH colleague and local pastor met with a government official in Paraguay interested in organizing a pre-evangelistic event. Thank God for their efforts. Pray for Him to open the door there for Dr. Richard to talk with opinion leaders about life issues. Pray for more such opportunities in other locations, as well.

The resource arm of the GProCommission,, now features 7,142 pastoral training resources in more than 30 languages curated from around the world. Praise God for the team’s diligence. Please ask Him for good collaboration, creativity and excellent implementation as they continue to introduce the GProCommission and its components to pastoral trainers and leaders globally.

With less than three weeks to go, we are praying for the right 25 pastors to attend the Dallas GPA, held on the Dallas Seminary campus. The count is now 23! Several pastors have upcoming visa appointments. Pray for everyone involved—pastors, RREACH team, Dallas Seminary colleagues, Master Coaches and more—to be led and empowered by the Holy Spirit in their preparation. Please also lift up a national GPA starting June 1 in a region dangerous for believers.

Thank you!

Praise, productivity, peace

Dear praying friends,

In brief:

  • Praise for one more pastor who has obtained a visa to join us for the Dallas GPA!
  • Praise for a good first semester back in the DTS classroom for Dr. Richard; pray for summer productivity.
  • Pray for GPA Paraguay pastors as they finish and return home and for other GProCommission pastoral training efforts in Latin America.
  • Pray for many to hear about the Lord Jesus in a new way through LifeRocks.

The bigger picture:


Another praise: Our newly updated LifeRocks media outreach site has gone live with Dr. Richard’s newest talk on peace. Intercede for many, especially in otherwise unreachable areas, to see these talks and receive the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

A 22nd pastor has obtained his visa to attend the 2018 Dallas GPA! Six more are in the visa process. Praise God for His provision in so many ways—available and quality candidates, seven new countries represented, visa approvals, generosity in funding, Master Coach availability, good behind-the-scenes teamwork, and more. Keep praying for the right 25 delegates, their and our preparation (including funding), and those dealing with deep disappointment at not being able to come.

Dr. Richard has completed his first semester back in the DTS classroom after several years in a revised role. Praise God for a good semester and pray for him to find times for focused writing this summer. Pray, too, for his son Ryan and Ryan’s fianceé, Chelsie, as they prepare to marry in a few weeks.

Despite some initial challenges, GPA Paraguay began last week and is set to conclude this week. Pray for God’s protection of and provision for all national GPA organizers and potential delegates. They often face major obstacles. We’re also asking the Lord for fruitful GProCommission pastoral training connections all across Latin America.

Please keep praying!

Dear praying friends,

In less than two weeks, the Lord willing, the GProCongress for Pastoral Trainers will begin. Thank you for your faithful, focused prayer for Dr. Richard and all involved with this event. God is moving. Please keep praying!

  • Program – the core vehicle for the Congress vision

o   Spirit-led final planning and excellent implementation

o   Presenters/Coaches: pure hearts, clear messages, safe travels

o   Development and execution of the strategic four-year follow-up plan

  • Participants

o   God’s powerful intervention on behalf of those facing visa challenges

o   Outpouring of resources for those unable to meet travel expenses

o   Heart and mind preparation, health and safety

  • Funding

o   Praise for the generosity of many who have helped us keep in step with obligations

o   Completion of funding – $2.5 million by Dec. 31

Currently, more than 2800 have registered for the Congress. Pray against obstacles that cause cancellations. We also continue to hear daily of new interest. Pray for the right 3000 attendees!

Dr. Richard and Bonnie are leaving for Thailand early this week. Please pray for total protection and global provision as they travel and make final physical, mental, spiritual, relational preparations. Thank you.

30 days until the Congress: praises and requests

Dear praying friends,

Thank you for your prayer during the difficult time of Rev. Enoch Sirikul’s abrupt home-going and resulting challenges to GProCongress preparation. The Lord Jesus is inspiring Thai Christian leaders to carry forward Rev. Sirikul’s ministry in this land where less than 1 percent of the population identifies as Christian. He is also inspiring broader interest in the GProCongress. As you remember Rev. Sirikul’s family and all grieving his earthly loss, intercede for God to work mightily through those he trained. Specifically ask for His wisdom, guidance, protection and provision as Dr. Richard and the GProCongress team adjust and proceed with even more heartfelt urgency.

Pray for the GProCongress registration team as registration activity has increased heavily. Pray for this trend to continue, technology systems to operate smoothly and visa challenges to be overcome. Also praise God for providing tremendous favor with the Thai government in regard to visas.

Many pastoral trainers have acted in faith, obedience and hope as they paid Congress registration fees. They still need funding to travel to Bangkok. Please ask God to provide abundantly, so that now and in the years to come more may trust and rejoice in His name. Please ask Him for abundant spiritual provision for GProCongress presenters and coaches, also.

In a few days, the Lord willing, Dr. Richard is to record some online curriculum sessions regarding the Holy Spirit. Pray for wisdom, strength and clarity, for God’s glory. Thank you!

A busy, yet fulfilling season; Dallas GPA visa appointments

Dear praying friends,

Dr. Richard speaking at DTS chapel

Dr. Richard speaking at DTS chapel

Thank you for praying Dr. Richard up to and through another key GProCongress planning session last week, a speaking engagement in DTS chapel and lunch for RREACH friends, a RREACH board meeting, and making additional strategic connections. This Friday, the Lord willing, he will speak at Moody Bible Institute’s Founder’s Week and be interviewed live on Moody Radio. Thank you for covering his wife, Bonnie, and the rest of his family in prayer during this busy season, too.

Three 2015 Dallas GPA candidates have visa appointments coming up (one tomorrow); last week one pastor was denied a visa. Please intercede for this pastor as he deals with this discouragement, and for the others as they apply. Pray for the right 25 delegates, and for representation from at least five new countries. Please lift up all Dallas and national GPA graduates and their families as they minister amid the many different pressures of life.


25th on the 24th!

Dear friends,

We are so excited to share the news that our *25th pastor received his visa today.

Pastor S from Tajikistan received his visa; please joining us in praising the Lord. Also, continue to pray for two additional pastors – Pastor I from Rwanda and Pastor P from Indonesia – as they apply for visas. The Lord willing, we could have 27 pastors (our goal is 25) in the 2014 class of the Dallas GPA!

Please also continue to pray for Pastor A from Syria. He has obtained his visa, but had to reapply for a passport and is not confident he will receive it. Also, we’ve heard from our delegates that they are running against some strange obstacles to their coming to Dallas, so please pray for perseverance.

Also, join us in praising God for this group of pastors, who have already delighted us with their excitement and encouragement of both RREACH staff and one another.

Finally, please pray for the following Dallas GPA logistical issues:

  • For time, clarity of thought and creativity for Dr. Richard and the Master Coaches as they prepare their lessons for the Dallas GPA.
  • For expanded capacity among the RREACH and GPA staff as they take care of each detail of the upcoming Dallas GPA.
  • For excellent communication among staff and between staff and the 2014 Dallas GPA delegates.
  • For no technology failures prior to or during the Dallas GPA.  
  • For the entire Dallas GPA budget to be raised by June 28, 2014. (Also, please continue to pray for the delegates who are raising half of their airfare to Dallas. Dr. Richard says that for some, this task is more difficult than our task of raising the entire GPA budget!)
For His glory,
Edie Ross
Prayer coordinator 

 *Pastors with secured visas represent the following countries: Angola, Bangladesh, Brazil, Bhutan, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Fiji, Haiti, Hungary, Lebanon, Liberia, Mexico, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nepal, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Syria, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Togo, Trinidad and Zimbabwe.




A quick update: GProCongress and the Dallas GPA

Dear friends,

Thank you for continuing to lift up Dr. Richard and the ministry of RREACH in prayer. April has just begun and already it has been a very busy month, especially relating to the 2014 Dallas GPA and the Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers, which, the Lord willing, will take place in June 2016.

CONGRESS: The Lord willing, RREACH will announce the new location for the GProCongress on May 31, 2014 at Please be in prayer as discussions with one potential host site in particular take place throughout this month.

Also, with just over two years until the opening ceremonies of this historic congress, there is much to be done. Please join us in praising God for the fine work that already has been accomplished toward this effort, and pray that He would send just the right people to help Dr. Richard and RREACH complete the task at hand.

DALLAS GPA: Since our last update, we are happy to announce that RREACH now has *24 pastors who have received their visas, including the most recent – Pastor V from Liberia! Unfortunately, Pastor M from NE India was denied his visa, and Pastor G from Cameroon was unable to get a second appointment and cannot come. Please pray for pastors M and G during this discouraging time.

Please be in prayer for those pastors who have been accepted and received their visas – that they would be successful in raising their half of their airfare to Dallas. Also pray that God would protect them and would be preparing their hearts for the Dallas GPA.

Please pray for this upcoming visa appointment:

  • April 10: Pastor J from Gambia (he has been rejected once. This will be his second interview.)

Finally, please pray for the following logistical requests related to the 2014 Dallas GPA:

  • That our entire Dallas GPA budget would be raised by June 28, 2014.
  • For at least 40 tables to be sponsored at the Dallas GPA graduation banquet.
  • For all technology to work well prior to and during the Dallas GPA.
  • For all host family spots to be filled by families excited to meet and show hospitality to these pastors.
For His glory,
Edie Ross
Prayer coordinator

*Pastors with secured visas represent the following countries: Angola, Bangladesh, Brazil, Bhutan, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Fiji, Haiti, Hungary, Lebanon, Liberia, Mexico, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nepal, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Syria, Tanzania, Togo, Trinidad and Zimbabwe