Visits, visas and vision-casting

Dear praying friends,

In brief:

  • The Lord Jesus blessed Dr. Richard’s trip with deep connections and re-connections.
  • LifeRocks is getting an update to better engage pre-Christians.
  • We’re celebrating the completion of GPA Zambia and a 14th Dallas GPA candidate visa approved!
  • The GProCommission is developing connections across Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

The bigger picture:

Dr. Richard is en route back to the U.S. after a swift, five-city trip through Singapore, India, Hong Kong and the Philippines. He visited long-time friends, made new friends, cast vision, spoke several times and participated in two memorial services for his dad. He reports that his heart and mind are beginning to adjust after the initial period of grieving. God is using your prayers and expressions of love to help the whole Richard family heal.

RREACH is migrating and updating LifeRocks, our Media Outreach website. Please pray for technological mercies! Also pray for the production and release of the newest LifeRocks video next month. Continue to intercede for more pre-Christians to think more clearly about the Lord Jesus Christ as they view and read our materials.

The fourth national GPA of 2018 is in session. Please ask God to watch over GPA El Salvador attendees and organizers and their families and ministries back home. Praise Him for the 28 young pastors who completed GPA Zambia (2) last week and ask His blessing on their ongoing ministry.

Also thank the Lord for a 14th Dallas GPA candidate who has received a visa. Sadly, another brother who applied this week was rejected. We are waiting to hear results from three others and praying for upcoming appointments for Pastors K from Togo (second attempt), K from Lesotho, and T from Myanmar.

On the GProCommission front, our colleague in Latin America is pursuing partnerships for Spanish pastoral training resources and a mentoring program. Our colleague in the Middle East plans to speak and cast vision at an upcoming conference. Our colleague in Europe is developing alliances with organizations in French-speaking Africa. Please pray for these and for ongoing provision and protection of colleagues and pastoral trainers in all areas.

Thank you!


“Blessings from Botswana where the Lions Roar!”

Dear friends,

Thank you for continuing to pray for Dr. Richard and RREACH. Please join us in praising God for an update to this request.

GPA Botswana:

GPA Botswana began yesterday with 21 pastors under age 39. Organizers are hoping a few additional pastors will arrive today.

Please pray:

  • For these pastors to be connected, united and strengthened over the next 10 days.
  • For organizers and RREACH national GPA staff who anticipate a few challenges—the host will have limited availability, as he is running for office and has a busy schedule.
  • For Pastor R from South Africa and Pastor N from Swaziland, who are traveling to help (Pastor N is even spending his own money to attend!) Praise the Lord for these faithful friends, generous with both their time and money.
  • For Rajiv Richard, National GPA coordinator, who is at GPA Botswana and keeping us updated on prayer requests. (He sent us the blessing that entitles this post!)

GPA Togo:

GPA Togo came to a close on Sept. 6.

2014-09-01 15.29.44 (1)

GPA Togo participants

According to organizers, the participants were “challenged far beyond their expectations.” Organizers said participants were particularly interested in Scripture Sculpture as a “new and exceptional method of expository preaching.”

One participant said “We never have had such a conference in Togo,” and organizers reported that many of the delegates have requested for GPA Togo to be a yearly occurrence. (RREACH helps with the cost of the first National GPA in each country. Several countries, including Venezuela, Liberia and Uganda, hosted subsequent events of various sizes at their own cost! Pray that GPA Togo could be added to this list.)

Please continue to pray for those who attended GPA Togo – that the skills and connections acquired during the GPA will bear fruit in their ministries.

For His glory,

Edie Ross

prayer coordinator

2014 Dallas GPA update

Dear Friends,

Thank you for praying for the 2014 Dallas GPA. Here are some updates since our last post.



Pastor K from Togo was granted a visa but not for the relevant dates. He returned it and they told him to come on Feb 21 to pick it up. Please pray that he receives his visa for the correct dates with no trouble.

Please pray for pastors who have secured their visas as they work toward raising half of their airfare to Dallas.

Also begin praying for their families and congregations, who will be preparing to be without these men for three weeks in June.

Pray for favor for these upcoming visa appointments:

  • Today: Pastor J from Mozambique
  • Feb. 27: Pastor D from Fiji
  • March 3: Pastor A from Burkina Faso
  • March 3: Pastor V from Liberia
  • March 4: Pastor P from Myanmar

Please pray for more eligible candidates to apply. We now have 22 candidates who have been accepted, after one pastor who was accepted alerted us that he is not able to come. Pray that the Lord would send the right 25 pastors.

Please pray for the RREACH staff to work with excellence in every detail to make the 2014 Dallas GPA a wonderful and God-honoring experience for everyone involved.

For His glory,
Edie Ross
prayer coordinator