In his words: Ramesh Richard April 2018 update

Well, I must finally start … 2018.  I needed to find a day to begin and Resurrection Sunday/April Fool’s Day provided a definite marker. Between grief and travel recovery (I actually slept two full nights on the 31st and 1st), I told Bonnie I’m beginning a new day, week, month and … year!

Last month blazed with a two-week, five-country, six-city presence and proclamation.

  • I count all Dallas Seminary opportunities a stewardship and ended my recent chapel talk there with a 1972 photo of two heroes of the Faith together, Billy Graham and John Richard. They both flew to heaven in February, much like they did on an Indian Airlines flight in 1965. Ongoing classroom involvement at DTS has been a wonderful outlet for me to personally proclaim God’s Word.
  • In Singapore, I roomed with a believer who had just lost his beloved Hindu mother. We grieved differently—with and without hope. He has hope for himself, but not for his mom; unlike myself with hope for both me and my dad. I so overlook biblical riches.
  • Two cities in India hosted the final services for my dad. The Lord empowered me for His glory, my father’s honor, the strengthening of believers, and Gospel advance through testimonies to an extraordinary life. I got to preach at a church in Chennai from which I have childhood memories of my father as a lay-leader and where I was spiritually shaped. That experience strangely strengthened my resolve to do all I can until I no longer can to serve Christ—like my dad.
  • I took an overnight flight to Hong Kong for pastoral calls—a couple fighting her cancer; a man fighting Parkinson’s; a man fighting his wife; a couple fighting his health challenge—caring for friends in life’s fights.
  • Finally I wrapped up with 40 hours in the Philippines with key encouragers, the head of the Philippines Council of Evangelical Churches (who has suggested a GProCongress Philippines), and a wedding, before a 36-hour journey home.

In the multiplying of proclaimers of God’s Word, RREACH accomplished the second GPA Zambia, since the first one in 2013 was mostly a failure. Also, GPA El Salvador graduated 19, who met at a beautiful place within 300 feet of a gang murder. God protects.

And God provides … through you … for me to carry on in proclamation and leadership into the rest of 2018. Our Lord has created time before and I am counting on him to do so again, or at least to compress 12 months into nine. Maybe I will get to share how next January. I intend to start the next year on time, the Lord willing. Thank you.

In the Inexhaustible One,


Visits, visas and vision-casting

Dear praying friends,

In brief:

  • The Lord Jesus blessed Dr. Richard’s trip with deep connections and re-connections.
  • LifeRocks is getting an update to better engage pre-Christians.
  • We’re celebrating the completion of GPA Zambia and a 14th Dallas GPA candidate visa approved!
  • The GProCommission is developing connections across Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

The bigger picture:

Dr. Richard is en route back to the U.S. after a swift, five-city trip through Singapore, India, Hong Kong and the Philippines. He visited long-time friends, made new friends, cast vision, spoke several times and participated in two memorial services for his dad. He reports that his heart and mind are beginning to adjust after the initial period of grieving. God is using your prayers and expressions of love to help the whole Richard family heal.

RREACH is migrating and updating LifeRocks, our Media Outreach website. Please pray for technological mercies! Also pray for the production and release of the newest LifeRocks video next month. Continue to intercede for more pre-Christians to think more clearly about the Lord Jesus Christ as they view and read our materials.

The fourth national GPA of 2018 is in session. Please ask God to watch over GPA El Salvador attendees and organizers and their families and ministries back home. Praise Him for the 28 young pastors who completed GPA Zambia (2) last week and ask His blessing on their ongoing ministry.

Also thank the Lord for a 14th Dallas GPA candidate who has received a visa. Sadly, another brother who applied this week was rejected. We are waiting to hear results from three others and praying for upcoming appointments for Pastors K from Togo (second attempt), K from Lesotho, and T from Myanmar.

On the GProCommission front, our colleague in Latin America is pursuing partnerships for Spanish pastoral training resources and a mentoring program. Our colleague in the Middle East plans to speak and cast vision at an upcoming conference. Our colleague in Europe is developing alliances with organizations in French-speaking Africa. Please pray for these and for ongoing provision and protection of colleagues and pastoral trainers in all areas.

Thank you!


Urgent: Philippines request

Dear friends,

Please take a moment to pray for this urgent request.

As you likely have heard, on Friday Typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest storms in recorded history, decimated parts of the Philippines leaving thousands dead and hundreds of thousands homeless.

RREACH is in contact with various evangelical leaders in the Philippines and today received a report from Rev. Philip Tarroja, the executive director of the Conservative Baptist Seminary-Asia. Rev. Tarroja later this month was to be officially commissioned as the national director of the Global Pastoral Trainers Congress (GPTC), set to take place in Manila in 2016.

Below is an excerpt from Rev. Tarroja’s report. Please be in prayer for Rev. Tarroja, Bishop Ef Tendero, who serves both as the national director of the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches and as national chairman of the GPTC, as well as for other Philippine pastors who are ministering in spite of their own loss and heartache.

Many are still missing and unaccounted for and worse, efforts to bring the supplies (which are coming in abundance), are NOT reaching those direly needing them for reasons beyond our understanding. The Evangelical Church is badly affected as many, really countless among the victims, are our brethren. After 6 days, the situation is NOT easing up. If you are able to watch international news, you won’t miss the pathetic scenario.

I truly appreciate your fervent prayers for us, the Evangelical leadership and our country. May His unfathomable peace and comfort cover us all in this dark hour of our nation.

In His unfailing love and mercy,

Rev. Philip C Tarroja

Dr. Richard, who currently is ministering in Singapore, was scheduled to visit Manila later this month for important meetings regarding the GPTC and to commission Rev. Tarroja and the national team. That trip is now cancelled as all involved turn their focus to the recovery effort. Please continue to pray for the GPTC.

Please also pray for Dr. Richard’s time in Singapore, including the following opportunities that he has to proclaim the Lord Jesus Christ.

Nov. 14-15: Singapore Baptist Convention

Nov. 16: Evangelistic event with business leaders

Nov. 17: Teaching at a church in the morning and speaking at a Pastor’s Appreciation dinner in the evening

For His glory,
Edie Ross
Prayer Coordinator