Translations, GPA prep, and a recording session

Dear praying friends,

In brief:

  • Praise God! Dr. Richard was able to take a couple of days away for prayerful planning.
  • Thank God for progress made toward translating RREACH’s evangelistic and pastoral training products into Spanish, French, Hindi, Arabic and other languages.
  • Glory to God! Several visas in a row have been granted to 2019 Dallas Global Proclamation Academy candidates.
  • Pray for Dr. Richard’s upcoming filming of Scripture Sculpture and the postponement of a trip to Haiti.

The bigger picture:

Dr. Richard is thankful he was able to get away for a couple of precious days of intensive and prayerful planning. Please pray for more opportunities like this in the coming months, which appear quite full. Pray that Dr. Richard will be able to maximize those times.

God is granting good progress toward getting quality translations of LifeRocks, Dr. Richard’s media-based evangelistic outreach, and of some of his pastoral training materials. Pray for accuracy and capacity for more languages. Pray, too, for reasonable pricing.

A huge praise: Seven 2019 Dallas GPA candidates’ visa applications in a row have been approved! To date, 12 pastors plan to come, six from un- or under-represented countries. Pastors from Ghana, Cambodia and Solomon Islands have upcoming appointments. Many others are working on their applications and scheduling appointments. Thank you for praying and please continue. Also pray for GPA Madagascar, set to begin this week. Ask for God’s hand to be on organizers as they finish preparations and for the right 25 attendees.

Dr. Richard was scheduled to minister in Haiti later this week. However, because of the volatile situation there, the events are being postponed. Please intercede for Haiti and for the many other areas around the world in turmoil. Pray for God’s intervention—for safety, provisions, resolution of conflict, and especially for pastors and their families as they minister in those areas. Please also lift up Dr. Richard’s Scripture Sculpture recording sessions this week.

Thank you!

Multiplying trained pastors and pastoral trainers

Dear praying friends,

This week the RREACH staff had the privilege of meeting a national GPA graduate from Costa Rica. Training for pastors is hard to come by in his region of Costa Rica. In addition to planting two churches, one among Costa Rican nationals and another among English-speakers in the area, this dynamic second-generation GPA-trained pastor is now using Dr. Richard’s “Scripture Sculpture” to train yet other pastors—a third generation equipped to preach expository sermons.

We praise God for the grassroots growth of biblically-based pastoral training even as we prepare for next year’s global gathering of pastoral trainers, an event intended to exponentially increase the momentum and accessibility of training. On the logistics side, many contracts have been successfully negotiated. The application and registration process, which had a few technological snags early, is now smoothing out. Praise God for these answers to prayer, and keep on lifting up Dr. Richard and each member of the Congress Core Team. Pray for creativity, diligence, insight and trust, and for physical and spiritual health/protection for them and their families.

From Haiti to you: A Christmas greeting and more

Dear friends,

Thank you for praying for Dr. Richard during his trip to Haiti. He and the team have returned safely and we are excited to bring you a trip report, along with a Christmas greeting sent from Haiti to RREACH friends via email. If you would like to join RREACH’s mailing list, please email me at

The joy of this trip centered upon the multiplication of RREACH training by Dallas GPA graduates to the third and fourth generations.

The team was met at the airport by Pastor V (2009 Dallas GPA graduate). They spent time their first evening in Haiti with Pastor B, a 2005 Dallas GPA grad who was referred by Pastor E, a Dallas Seminary graduate who has worked in ministry partnerships with Dr. Richard since the early 90s.

Prior to coming to the Dallas GPA, Pastor B was already training pastors. But since receiving training on how to create and preach expository sermons, he has multiplied his training and has taught Dr. Richard’s Scripture Sculpture method to 560 pastors each year. Scripture Sculpture also is taught in the local seminary and was used to craft a written sermon that has circulated through the country. It is estimated that this sermon has caused more than 100,000 people to make decisions toward Christ.

The next morning Dr. Richard delivered the keynote address at the seminary’s commencement. Fifty-two would graduate, many at great personal expense. Some pastors traveled back and forth for up to seven hours on extremely difficult roads to attend the two-year training.


Dr. Richard praying with the graduates

All were bivocational, meaning they would work a regular job, pastor a church and also devote time for the two-year course. The seminary was the vision of Pastor V, and so again, the team was blessed to see how RREACH training was being multiplied.

That evening, Dr. Richard spoke at an evangelistic event attended by 90 people including congressmen, senators, doctors, lawyers, college professors and entrepreneurs. He spoke about passion, mission and vision and challenged the audience to consider how this plays out in their personal and professional lives. He asked them to think about how they could make a difference, encouraging them to make God the passion of their lives. We’ve heard that more than 20 people made decisions to trust Christ that evening!

Sunday began bright and early as the team left the hotel at 5:30 a.m. to attend a 6 a.m. service at the oldest church in Haiti, which was packed full of 1,200 people.

Next, they stopped at Pastor V’s outdoor church — a young congregation.

vijonet's church

Dr. Richard at Pastor V’s outdoor church

Dr. Richard addressed the congregation and Pastor V interpreted. Next, the team traveled to Pastor E’s church where Dr. Richard spoke during two services.

That evening the team had the opportunity to meet up with Pastor V, who shared about his ministry and its joys and challenges. He is responsible for 17 churches and his vision is to not only train pastors, but also to help provide healthcare and life insurance – especially for older pastors –  to assist with medical needs and funeral services.

Dr. Richard with Pastor Vijonet

Dr. Richard with Pastor V

Please continue to pray for the pastors in Haiti, which is still dealing with the devastation caused by the 2010 earthquake. (Pastor V still sleeps outdoors while his home is completed!) Pray specifically for pastors E, B and V that God would continue to use them mightily to bring the Haiti people to Himself.

For His glory,
Edie Ross
Prayer Coordinator