In his words: Ramesh Richard January 2020 update

Dear praying friends,

January letters are hard to write, looking back while much about the newness of a new year should not be lost. And yet, precious board, staff and family times, along with strategic ministry at year-end, must not be overlooked.

While I shall not demand that God use the gifts of expression He has given me, I do petition Him daily to open (and close) doors of opportunity to serve His Word everywhere, privately and publicly, with eternal consequences.

At the turn of each year, since people are open to the meaning of festivity (and their very lives), two new-immigrant groups in Dallas invited pre-Christ friends to receive God’s message through this messenger. The year’s finale took place in Panama, where 35 believers brought 100 “upper-strata” friends to music, food and my presentation.

There is nothing more thrilling than to revisit God’s provision of my eternal salvation and then to publicly present it. And to see dozens who say “yes” to the good news. Finally, to imagine the delight of heaven over one sinner that repents! Thank you for supporting me in changing the way people think of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you also for accompanying me in changing the way people hear about the Lord Jesus Christ. We primarily accomplish this through strengthening of local pastoral leaders. About 175 Panamanian pastors came to a historic first…gathering together from regions and denominations across the city-country! They wish to serve as local hosts of Panama 2020—RREACH’s Global Proclamation Congress for Trainers of Pastors of Latin America & the Caribbean—with prayer, volunteers and advocacy.

I seek your ongoing encouragement, dear friend. Remember the large inspirational challenge? We landed 34 cents ahead at 10:00 p.m. the night of the deadline with a gift from Brunei. Eventually ahead by about $3,000, we offered the excess back to the final donor as part of our integrity. He generously released it for other use.

Thank you again for sending me on your behalf to serve God’s Word globally.

In the Inexhaustible Vine,



New outreach video release and more

Dear praying friends,

In brief:

  • Thank God for the new LifeRocks pre-evangelistic video set to launch next week.
  • Praise Him for churches’ growing interest in RREACH ministry.
  • Pray for Dr. Richard’s recording session for PastorReach videos.
  • Uphold the team organizing the Global Proclamation Congress for Trainers of Pastors of Latin America & the Caribbean.
  • Pray for national Global Proclamation Academies starting next week in Honduras (women’s) and Kosovo.

The bigger picture:

Another LifeRocks video will, the Lord willing, go public next week. Praise God for the message of “Decongesting the Sad Soul and Dark Heart” and how the production came together. Pray for a massive number of pre-Christians to see it and want to know more.

RREACH values every individual and entity which gives time, encouragement, finances, prayer, skills and more to make this ministry possible. We thank God for how His Body works together to grow. Several churches have expressed increased interest in the ministry. Praise God! Pray that the Lord Jesus will guide them and us in developing these connections.

The Lord willing, Dr. Richard plans to film a number of new short videos for PastorReach next week. Each video features Dr. Richard’s response to a question asked by a pastoral leader. Please intercede for discernment as he prepares and for the team making sure production runs smoothly.

The GProLATAM&CARIB Congress Organizing Team is climbing a massive mountain in preparing for the Congress, to be held in Panama City, Panama, the Lord willing, in October 2020. Ask God to bless them with discernment, dependability and drive as they serve. Only He can and will make it happen!

Two national GPAs are scheduled to begin late next week in Honduras (women’s) and Kosovo. Please pray for those organizing the 10-day pastoral training events, the right 25 attendees and God’s Spirit to move mightily to connect, unite and strengthen pastoral leaders.