Tremendous turnout of Nepali pastors; Dallas GPA about to begin

Dear praying friends,

Dr. Richard spent an intense and rewarding day with about 200 Nepali pastors and wives in Kathmandu last week. About 20 GPA Nepal graduates and four Dallas GPA graduates from Nepal were there and expressed deep thanks to him and to those behind the scenes who prayed and worked and gave to send him to minister to them at this very difficult time. Thank you for your part in blessing them.

GProCongress-driven engagements had Dr. Richard in Hong Kong on Sunday; he visits two more countries before he heads back for the Dallas GPA. Strides are being made toward securing a Program Manager by June 1. A significant portion of funds to resource the Congress is needed over the next 18 months, $5 million by the end of 2015. Please continue to pray over these.

The 2015 Dallas GPA—21 rigorous days—is just days away. Praise be to God, 26 candidates, five from new countries, now have visas! Some arrive, the Lord willing, in a few days. Pray the Lord’s protection and provision over them, their families and ministries, and the Master Coaches as they prepare and come. Please also ask protection and provision over the RREACH, GPA and DTS staff involved, and Dr. Richard and his family, who have had many rigorous days getting ready. Thank you!

Specific and timely prayer requests on behalf of Dr. Richard

Dear praying friends,

After an intense weekend of meetings related to the four-year follow-up of the GProCongress, Dr. Richard is off on another trip. In fact, between now and the beginning of the 2015 Dallas GPA, he expects to be home only three days. Would you please pray with us over the following?

  • At President Paul Nyquist’s invitation, Dr. Richard will be presenting the GProCongress during five 5-minute slots throughout the Moody Pastor’s Conference this week. Dr. Richard (and Brian Considine, mobilization director,) will have prime opportunities to share the Congress with potential attendees, networkers, staff, etc., and to make vital connections.
  • Nepal continues to quake, literally and figuratively, in the aftermath of the massive April 25 earthquake. The Lord willing, Dr. Richard will host a special half-day of encouragement for Nepali pastors and their wives May 29. Thanks to generous RREACH friends, we will also be able to provide each pastor’s family a precious, monetary encouragement, a small “love-gift.”
  • Praise! Twenty-three pastors now have the visas they need to attend the Dallas GPA. Four more are still attempting to get theirs, which also complicates getting reasonably priced flights to Dallas. We want the Lord’s right 25 (or more) here.
  • GPA Cambodia is in full swing. They continue until May 23.
  • The RREACH and GProCongress teams need our Lord Jesus Christ’s total protection and global provision during the intense 20 days until the Dallas GPA and 392 days until the Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers—as well as during and for following up each.

We are grateful for you and for your intercession. Know that we pray and praise on your behalf, too!

Note from Dr. Richard on Nepal, GProCongress and GPA

Dear praying friends,

Nepal remains in our minds and hearts. The extent of devastation is still largely unknown because no one can get to some of the hardest-hit areas, but Dallas GPA pastors are keeping RREACH apprised. People are without food, shelter, clothing, and heavy aftershocks are delaying relief. If you have time to read more, see the heartfelt note below from Pastor A, the 2014 Dallas GPA grad who just moved from his rural village to Kathmandu. Please pray with us about how RREACH can most strategically come alongside our brothers there.

I would also appreciate prayer for fruit from vision-casting gatherings and progress on the GProCongress program. Some gifted leaders have flown into Dallas to meet about that fundamental Congress component this week. The RREACH board plans to meet on Friday.

GPA-wise, praise God for the 24 who graduated from GPA Peru! GPA Indonesia is going strong, and GPA Benin is scheduled to begin April 29. Two Dallas GPA candidates have visa appointments this week, and more need to be scheduled.

Thank you for your faithful prayer support. We thank God for you.


ramesh richard

Report from Nepal Dallas GPA 2014 graduate Pastor A:

In and around my village and in a walking distance of about 7-8 hours the houses are ruined. Throughout the district the churches are affected and the believers and unbelievers alike are left homeless. They have no food and no clothing. There is no single house in my village and other villages. Casualties in my district are high. Places are filled with dead bodies while the workers are needed. I tried to go to my village, a distance of 3-4 hours bus drive, but the roads are broken. There is no access of relief at this point, no communication, no transportation. About an hour ago we had another big strike of about 6.8 rector scale, which has the epicenter in my district. Continuous big/huge earthquakes are hitting and almost every hour we feel the shock. Actually many feel it is shaking the whole time. People around the street look hopeless.

Please pray with me and others that we have patience, faith and perseverance. I am thankful for constant prayers and concerns that you have shown toward me and my people. My kids are terrified and I don’t know how they will come out of these traumatic experiences. Pray that we all glorify God in this situation of distress. In this situation, I am so honored to be leading people to prayer and explain biblical truth to draw people near to God. Thanks for your love.

Yours sincerely,

Pastor A


Nepal earthquake: pastors facing great work

In the wake of the massive earthquake that just hit Nepal, RREACH has word that five of six Dallas GPA grads have been accounted for. “We have national GPA guys to account for, as well,” Dr. Ramesh Richard says. “And RREACH hosted about 1,400 pastoral leaders in Kathmandu a few years ago.

“We have had a deep history with this land hugely responsive to the Gospel over the last 60 years. I remember when there were about five Christians in Nepal, and we would pray for the persecution to stop. Yesterday, was the 100th anniversary of the Nepali Bible translation. Of course, Chile’s volcano was apocalyptic. Then there are the European migrant, Middle Eastern refugee, and so many other terrible situations. We are to be more urgent about the Lord’s work, for ‘night comes when no man can work’ says our Lord.”

Just two weeks ago 2014 Dallas GPA grad Pastor AC moved from a remote area to Kathmandu. “I can see God’s hands on this move,” he wrote. “The leaders … have come to the conclusion that it is God who is calling me for a greater work.” As we pray for all affected, especially remember pastors and their families. The work is great, and night is coming.

Urgent requests from friends

Dear friends,

Thank you for partnering with us not only in praying for RREACH, but also in praying for others. We have two urgent requests from friends to share with you:

1. Dr. Richard recently received the prayer request (below) from Dr. Hormoz Shariat with Iran Alive Ministries. Please join us in praying for Amir and persecuted Christians around the world. Also, please share this post with others who will pray.

This week, we received a distressed call from one of our Church 7 members who lives in Iran. Her 32-year-old son, Amir*, has been in prison for the past two years after being caught with a truckload of Bibles.

Recently, an execution date was set for the week of August 11th for his crimes against Islam and government.  

Understandably, she is very upset. Her only request is for prayers of deliverance for her son.


  • Pray for Amir and his family. Pray for deliverance from this death sentence for Amir and for his frightened and grieving family.
  • Pray for his jailers, his judge and his fellow inmates to encounter the love of Christ and receive Him as their personal Savior.
  • Pray for the countless other brothers and sisters, like Amir, who are suffering persecution for their faith in Christ in Iran and around the world right now.

*Pseudonym used to protect identity. 

2. Dallas GPA 2014 grad Pastor A from Nepal recently sent this request:

A big river that flows throughout my district which comes all the way down from Tibet, China was blocked due to a huge landslide that came from both sides of the river. There are many smaller towns throughout the river bank that are affected. Now the river water level is growing and going upward, and people in the affected areas are being evacuated. 


Praying that our God, under his sovereignty will take care of things. Many houses are wiped out and hundreds are missing, it is known that a believer’s family was also victim of the landslide. I will appreciate your prayers.

Here and here are news updates on the situation. Please continue to pray.

For His glory,
Edie Ross
Prayer Coordinator