Specific and timely prayer requests on behalf of Dr. Richard

Dear praying friends,

After an intense weekend of meetings related to the four-year follow-up of the GProCongress, Dr. Richard is off on another trip. In fact, between now and the beginning of the 2015 Dallas GPA, he expects to be home only three days. Would you please pray with us over the following?

  • At President Paul Nyquist’s invitation, Dr. Richard will be presenting the GProCongress during five 5-minute slots throughout the Moody Pastor’s Conference this week. Dr. Richard (and Brian Considine, mobilization director,) will have prime opportunities to share the Congress with potential attendees, networkers, staff, etc., and to make vital connections.
  • Nepal continues to quake, literally and figuratively, in the aftermath of the massive April 25 earthquake. The Lord willing, Dr. Richard will host a special half-day of encouragement for Nepali pastors and their wives May 29. Thanks to generous RREACH friends, we will also be able to provide each pastor’s family a precious, monetary encouragement, a small “love-gift.”
  • Praise! Twenty-three pastors now have the visas they need to attend the Dallas GPA. Four more are still attempting to get theirs, which also complicates getting reasonably priced flights to Dallas. We want the Lord’s right 25 (or more) here.
  • GPA Cambodia is in full swing. They continue until May 23.
  • The RREACH and GProCongress teams need our Lord Jesus Christ’s total protection and global provision during the intense 20 days until the Dallas GPA and 392 days until the Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers—as well as during and for following up each.

We are grateful for you and for your intercession. Know that we pray and praise on your behalf, too!

Making strategic international connections for the GProCongress and continuing Dallas GPA prep

Dear praying friends,

Early (very early) this morning Dr. Richard flew out of Dallas for a World Evangelical Alliance international leaders forum in Central America. Please pray that the Lord will generate enthusiasm and good connections as he meets with strategic Kingdom servants and presents the GProCongress. Please also request continued good health and travel mercies.

Thank you for praying as Dr. Richard spoke at Moody Bible Institute’s Founder’s Week in Chicago last Friday. He said he felt great freedom. Many commented on how God spoke to them through him. Praise God that he and Bonnie got to spend some wonderful time with their grandchildren Joshua and Emma over the last week, also.


Dr. Richard speaking on “Who is Running the Race With You?”

As you faithfully lift up the 2015 Dallas GPA, please specifically remember:

  • the extensive and multi-faceted preparation needed to warmly host 25 pastors from 25 different countries for three weeks
  • each pastor preparing to attend
  • visa appointments – one pastor is going for his appointment tomorrow and two are scheduled for next week; two others have been denied visas this week, but we are encouraging all who have been denied to reapply.

Dr. Richard at Moody Bible Institute Founder’s Week and more 2015 Dallas GPA News

Dear praying friends,

Despite being from, as he says, a “sun-people,” Dr. Richard is in wintry Chicago to speak at Moody Founder’s Week and be interviewed live on Moody Radio today. To watch Dr. Richard’s session click here and to hear him on Moody Radio click here. Please pray that his talk and the interview will be encouraging, challenging, and above all, promote the Lord Jesus Christ.

Nine of the 26 2015 Dallas GPA candidates now have their visas, but we have also learned that a second pastor, who went early this week, was denied. Continue to intercede for the candidates as they go through this process. Two more visa appointments are scheduled for next week.

Thank you for remembering Dr. Richard’s family, the RREACH Board, the RREACH staff and the GProCongress team, too.

A busy, yet fulfilling season; Dallas GPA visa appointments

Dear praying friends,

Dr. Richard speaking at DTS chapel

Dr. Richard speaking at DTS chapel

Thank you for praying Dr. Richard up to and through another key GProCongress planning session last week, a speaking engagement in DTS chapel and lunch for RREACH friends, a RREACH board meeting, and making additional strategic connections. This Friday, the Lord willing, he will speak at Moody Bible Institute’s Founder’s Week and be interviewed live on Moody Radio. Thank you for covering his wife, Bonnie, and the rest of his family in prayer during this busy season, too.

Three 2015 Dallas GPA candidates have visa appointments coming up (one tomorrow); last week one pastor was denied a visa. Please intercede for this pastor as he deals with this discouragement, and for the others as they apply. Pray for the right 25 delegates, and for representation from at least five new countries. Please lift up all Dallas and national GPA graduates and their families as they minister amid the many different pressures of life.