Lost … and found

Dear praying friends,

In brief:

  • Praise God for the successful completion of a national Global Proclamation Academy (GPA) in an undisclosed Asian country.
  • Pray for nominations for the 2019 Dallas GPA, especially from new and under-represented countries.
  • Praise God: On Dr. Richard’s recent trip back from Costa Rica, the Lord put him next to a multi-millionaire who had lost his way. He was eager to talk with Dr. Richard and then trusted in the Lord Jesus!
  • Continue to remember the select group of Dallas GPA graduates traveling to Dallas next month, the Lord willing, for a special meeting. Pray for them to get visas and for our preparation.
  • Please pray for Bonnie Richard’s mother, Joyce Perry, as she faces health challenges.

The bigger picture:

GPA Chile promo poster

GPA Chile flyer

We thank God for the successful completion of a national GPA in a closed Asian country. Dr. Richard was able to Skype with the 37 pastors in attendance, a great encouragement to him and them. Pray that they will be able to implement what they learned for the greater health of their churches and communities. Please uphold upcoming 2018 GPAs in Chile, The Gambia, Guyana, Bolivia and the Solomon Islands.

We have begun working toward the 2019 Dallas GPA. Please ask the Lord for direction regarding nominations already sent in and for more nominations from new and under-represented countries. Also pray for Master Coach selection and availability.

Thank you for praying for the Lord Jesus to bring people with spiritual needs across Dr. Richard’s path. On his way back from a recent trip to Costa Rica, he sat next to a multi-millionaire who was lost and knew he was lost. Dr. Richard “lost” his air time, but was able to share deep spiritual things with this man who was ready to welcome the Lord Jesus as His Savior. Please keep praying for opportunities small and large, old and new, deep and wide, for Dr. Richard to offer God’s Good News. Also pray for God’s protection of those coordinating outreach events.

Continue to pray for Ramesh Richard’s Global Proclamation Associates (GProAssociates) meeting in Dallas in late October. Pray for program preparation, logistical arrangements and each pastor planning to attend. Pray that this milestone event will multiply the global proclamation of the Lord Jesus Christ to God’s glory.

Please also uphold Bonnie Richard’s mother, Joyce Perry. She is facing discouraging health and housing challenges. Uphold the family as they care for her, some from long distances away.

Dr. Richard returns from Asia; GPA Peru and GPA Indonesia coming soon

Dear praying friends,

Greetings in the name of our resurrected Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! We rejoice with you that because He lives, all who trust Him may live. Dr. Richard has just completed a two-week trip to Southeast Asia, where he had several engagements to proclaim that Good News. Some items to remember for prayer as he returns include:

  • Rapid recovery from the stress of travel
  • Clarity regarding the many opportunities that come his way
  • Preparation for upcoming talks, articles and other ministry engagements
  • Continued GProCongress program and partnership development

GPA Peru is scheduled for April 16 – 25 and GPA Indonesia for April 23 – May 2. Please pray for the organizers and those planning to attend, as well as their families and ministries.

Also specifically lift up those preparing for the 2015 Dallas GPA—the RREACH team, the pastors (especially with regard to visas and airfare), the Master Coaches, the host families, and many others who serve in different ways.

Dallas GPA: Marching (toward the goal) in March UPDATED!

Please see March 14, 2014 updates in red!

Dear friends,

Please join us in praising the Lord as we march toward securing a full class of 25 pastors with visas for the 2014 Dallas GPA. Currently, we’ve accepted 25 candidates, including 15* who have obtained their visas. We now have 17 candidates with visas!

Since our last update, Pastor A from Burkina Faso was granted his visa, as was Pastor D from Fiji. Please pray for these and other pastors who have secured their visas as they work toward raising funds to cover their part of their air travel to Dallas.

Additional prayer requests include:

  • Please pray for Pastor V from Liberia. After his visa appointment, the U.S. Embassy in Liberia put his application under further review. We are expecting the embassy to call the RREACH offices today to confirm the authenticity of our invitation. We are hopeful this will result in an approved visa for Pastor V. Please continue to pray for this situation. We’ve not yet heard if his visa will be granted.
  • Pastor J from Gambia was rejected for a visa. He is trying to decide if he should reapply. This is disappointing for both Pastor J and for RREACH, as no pastors from Gambia have previously attended a Dallas GPA. Please pray for God’s wisdom, direction and favor. Please continue to pray.
  • Pray for God to provide one more master coach to join Dr. Richard in filling out the 2014 Dallas GPA faculty. Please continue to pray.

Finally, please pray for positive outcomes to these upcoming visa appointments:

  • March 12: Pastor A, from Haiti GRANTED!
  • March 13: Pastor G, from Cameroon REJECTED. Pray for wisdom on whether Pastor G should reapply or not.
  • March 13: Pastor F, from Angola GRANTED!
  • March 17: Pastor R, from Bangladesh
  • March 28: Pastor K, from Bhutan

Also, please pray for Pastor A from Nepal, who should receive his passport next week. Pray that he does and that he can secure a visa appointment very soon!

For His glory,
Edie Ross
prayer coordinator

*Pastors with secured visas represent the following countries: Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Dominican Republic, Fiji, Hungary, Lebanon, Mexico, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Syria, Tanzania, Togo, Trinidad, Zimbabwe, Haiti and Angola.