Things we’re thanking God for

Dear praying friends,

We have so many things for which to thank God! Here are just a few:

  • Dr. Richard feels he’s improving after battling a persistent, acute bacterial infection for over a month. His doctor cleared him to attend a consultation of international mission leaders convened by Lausanne in Wittenberg, Germany, over the last few days. Pray for his safe return, continued healing, and energy as he jumps back into the Dallas GPA.
  • We’ve just crossed the halfway mark of the Dallas GPA. The pastors are connecting well, Master Coach sessions are powerful, and everyone is staying healthy. Please ask the Lord Jesus to continue to shine upon and shield this endeavor, that His name may be proclaimed more and better around the world!

2017 Dallas Global Proclamation Academy delegates connecting, uniting and strengthening

  • The national GPA in Honduras began last week and is set to finish this weekend. Praise God for this connecting, uniting and strengthening opportunity; pray for further multiplication.
  • We’re excited that several international RREACH team members plan to come to Dallas for the final portion of the GPA and the Graduation Dinner. Pray for good travel, productive planning and mutual encouragement. Also remember Dr. Richard as he prepares for his graduation talk.

And we thank God for you!

“…to the only God our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion and authority, before all time and now and forever. Amen.” (Jude 25 NASB)

Urgent: Brazil visa needed

Dear friends,

Please join us in praying for this urgent request below, received from Dr. Richard this morning. Dr. Richard has traveled to Sao Paulo, Brazil to attend the Lausanne Consultation II: Towards Biblical Partnership in Global Theological Education. He is to speak at the consultation and is co-leading a session on “effective partnership that links formal and non-formal education models.” However, upon arrival he learned that he needs a visa to enter the country.

Dear everyone:

Unless the Lord wanted RREACH to spend His money and my energy/time in this apparent waste, I am hoping against hope for a hurriedly granted, temporary visa into Brazil in the next few hours.

I took the overnight flight to Sao Paulo. Immigration did not permit me into the country since I didn’t have a visa. The last time I came to Brazil, I did not need one….relations with the U.S. were better and there was reciprocity between the countries. This matter should have been checked.

The airline should not have let me on the flight without a valid visa. They have already paid a fine for flying me to Brazil, and let me know that this happens every day! My flight to Dallas is at 9pm tonight. Friends are working with the one government branch to see if an authorization can be granted today, but they are reputed to be bureaucratic.

Humanly speaking, it is critical for the 2016 Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers that I be at this event of the most influential theological educators in the world. On the other hand, God might be making me irrelevant to its success. I simply consider this as part of the kind of challenges we shall face in this next season. But I will labor, striving with His mighty power that works within me (Col. 1:29).

Would you pray that the Lord would open the way to get in? And that I would use the day well regardless.

Travel tired, but basically thankful,



Thank you for joining us in prayer on this important matter. We will update the blog as we hear from Dr. Richard.

For His glory,
Edie Ross
prayer coordinator