Dr. Richard at Moody Bible Institute Founder’s Week and more 2015 Dallas GPA News

Dear praying friends,

Despite being from, as he says, a “sun-people,” Dr. Richard is in wintry Chicago to speak at Moody Founder’s Week and be interviewed live on Moody Radio today. To watch Dr. Richard’s session click here and to hear him on Moody Radio click here. Please pray that his talk and the interview will be encouraging, challenging, and above all, promote the Lord Jesus Christ.

Nine of the 26 2015 Dallas GPA candidates now have their visas, but we have also learned that a second pastor, who went early this week, was denied. Continue to intercede for the candidates as they go through this process. Two more visa appointments are scheduled for next week.

Thank you for remembering Dr. Richard’s family, the RREACH Board, the RREACH staff and the GProCongress team, too.