A legacy of love and proclamation

Dear praying friends,


Ramesh Richard with his dad, John Richard, in 2015

In brief:

  • The Richard family is gathering for John Richard’s memorial services in Dallas this weekend.
  • Dallas GPA visa count: 9. Four pastors are from new countries! Several more pastors, however, have been denied.
  • Dr. Richard is preparing for an international ministry trip in March.
  • The GProCommission team is looking for more GProCentral colleagues, i.e. teammates who personally connect with pastoral trainers and leaders.

The bigger picture:

Dallas services for Ramesh Richard’s father are scheduled for Saturday, February 17. A service in Delhi, India, is set for Saturday, March 10. Please continue to pray for the family. And pray that God will extend John Richard’s legacy of love for the Lord Jesus Christ and passion for spreading His Word, to His glory.

Three Dallas GPA candidates have visa appointments next week: N from Bangladesh, C from Burundi, and S from DR Congo. Pray that they will be able to join the nine already approved, four from the new countries of Gambia, Macedonia, Mauritius, and St. Kitts and Nevis. Seventeen additional pastors are still in pre-visa application stages. Pray for the Lord’s direction and provision as they and we work through the process.

Please ask God to lead clearly as Dr. Richard plans a March trip to South East Asia. Ask for the right ministry opportunities to mature and for Dr. Richard’s capacity for scheduled and impromptu ministry moments while adjusting to the earthly loss of his dad.

GProCommission colleagues actively connect with pastoral trainers and leaders to encourage and network them in their ministries. These regional teammates are a critical element of our strategy to strengthen pastoral trainers to produce 100,000 better trained pastors by 2020. Colleagues are especially needed in South East Asia. Pray for the Lord to bring the right people on board.

Thank you so much.

GProCongress movement; Dr. Richard’s family

Dear praying friends,

Dr. Richard touched down in Dallas for a few days this week to take care of a few important “home front” details and is now in Washington, D.C. for the National Prayer Breakfast. Then, the Lord willing, he will be off to Thailand for the first full set of GProCongress core team meetings onsite in Bangkok. Please pray for God’s clear guidance and provision during these engagements.

Registrations for the Congress continue to move forward steadily; pray for news of the GProCongress to keep spreading. Some are just hearing of it; we are still praying God will bring the right pastoral trainers, up to 5,000, from all different areas of the world. Also ask the Lord to inspire and provide for the many from difficult circumstances who wish to attend.

Thank you for remembering Dr. Richard’s family in prayer, as well. Please intercede for special protection, provision, direction, correction and connection over each, from Bonnie, Ryan, Robby, Nathalie, Joshua and Emma, and Sitara, to his father, Dr. John Richard, and siblings. Pray that their love for the Lord Jesus Christ will grow and that He will be glorified through them. Thank you!

GProCommission action—the 2015 Dallas GPA, upcoming national GPAs, and GProCongress mobilization

Dear praying friends,

One week ago today Dr. Richard braved the winter chill of Chicago to speak at Moody Bible Institute. Today he is in sunny Honduras at the International Leaders Forum of the World Evangelical Alliance. In addition to presenting the GProCongress, he will also have the pleasure of attending the installation of his friend Bishop Efraim Tendero as new Secretary General of the WEA. Bishop Ef, as he is fondly known, was head of the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches and among the first to own the GProCongress vision.

We’d appreciate your prayer as Dr. Richard seeks just the right person to fill a significant role on the Congress team, as well as for overall Congress funding.

Please also continue to lift up:

  • Preparations and those preparing for the 12 national GPAs yet to come, the Lord willing, in 2015 (praise for GPA Cuba, completed in January!)
  • The Dallas GPA – two more pastors have visa appointments next week; sponsors for events and host families will be needed in June
  • Bonnie and the rest of the Richard family

“Sorrowful and hope-filled”

Dear friends,

Thank you for your continued prayer for Dr. Richard and RREACH. There is much on our hearts and minds this morning, and we ask you to join us in earnest prayer for the following needs:


Late last week Dr. Richard made the prayerful decision to cancel a trip to southeast Asia in order to join his family by his ailing mother’s bedside. Mrs. Manorama Richard went to be with her Lord on Tuesday, and Dr. Richard shared his thoughts this way: “Loud applause from this first born son for his beloved mother’s graduation into heaven today w/ HIGH HONORS. Sorrowful & hope-filled.”

Dr. Richard and his mother, Manorama (Mrs. John) Richard, at his Dallas Seminary graduation.

Dr. Richard and his mother, Manorama (Mrs. John) Richard, at his Dallas Seminary graduation.

Manorama Richard was born on April 9, 1924, in Salem, Tamil Nadu, India to Mr. & Mrs. Masilamani Mudaliar. Having personally embraced the Lord Jesus as her personal Savior in 1957, she wished to share God’s salvation to all her immediate and extended family.

She lived her early years in Secunderabad, A.P., was educated in Chennai and Delhi, and then married David John Richard on May 31, 1950. After the birth of their son Ramesh, they moved from Hyderabad to Chennai for her husband’s employment with the Indian Airlines. Ramani, Ravi, and Rajiv were added to the family there. She would personally lead all four children to salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Called to serve with her husband in full time vocational ministry, Manorama and her family moved to New Delhi in 1972. After fruitful worldwide service, the Richards immigrated to Syracuse, New York, in 1991 and to Richardson, Texas, in 1995. The core Richard family includes four children, eight grandchildren, and six great grandchildren.

Please join us in praising God for Mrs. Richard’s life, which was marked by a devotion to God. Also, please hold her family up in prayer. Mrs. Richard’s memorial service will take place this evening in Richardson, TX.

Cancelled trip:

In southeast Asia, Dr. Richard was to take part in important meetings regarding the 2016 Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers and also teach at GPA Myanmar.

Two RREACH representatives attended the Congress meetings on Dr. Richard’s behalf, and have reported the meetings are completed and were mutually encouraging. Praise God!

GPA Myanmar:

GPA Myanmar is underway with 25 fine young pastors from across the country attending. Please pray for the pastors who are attending, that their ministries would be strengthened and changed because of their time at GPA Myanmar and that the Lord would provide immediate opportunities for them to multiply their training to other pastors in their communities and regions.

For His glory,
Edie Ross
Prayer coordinator