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Dear praying friends,

Calvary Temple screenshot

Sunday service in one of the fastest-growing churches in the world

People are hungry for God. The picture above shows Ramesh Richard’s view as he spoke in one of the fastest-growing churches in the world during his recent South Asia trip. He spoke in two of five services which average 20,000 to 25,000 attendees each. At a mega youth conference of 15,000 the church held the next day, around 10,000 responded to his invitation.

From there he went to teach at the first pastors conference held in conjunction with RREACH’s first Chair of Preaching and Pastoral Ministries, established at SAIACS a year ago. The attendance–55–was but a fraction of that at the mega-church. But for Dr. Richard, it was more strategic. The reason is simple: multiplication. Those pastors, by God’s grace, will lead many future churches.

This last week Ramesh gave several “heart message” talks to about 200 church planting leaders from around the world at a Global Alliance for Church Multiplication Forum in Minneapolis, Minn. Their goal is 5 million churches planted by 2020. The corresponding challenge: Who is going to pastor those church plants to long-term health? RREACH’s Global Proclamation Commission is working on that. At the same time the forum was in session, 36 pastors and 18 wives were finishing training in Cuba’s second national Global Proclamation Academy.

That, dear prayer partners, is how God is multiplying the effect of your prayers!

The response has been encouraging. “Your talk was superb today. Superb. Much positive feedback. We thank God for His provision.” And from a media conference in South Asia, “I could see the Holy Spirit working in every word you spoke. I clearly see God’s hand in hand picking you for this year’s conference, and from the feedback we are getting, I am seeing God igniting hearts to move forward in the area of the harvest.”

We can’t tell you how much we appreciate you. Please keep on praying. The Lord willing, RREACH’s board of directors meets this weekend, GPA Mexico begins next week, and we are planning a retreat for pastors and families in a desperately dangerous region.


GPA Cuba: Accomplished!

Dear praying friends,

GPA Cuba: Accomplished! Thank you for praying. The 32 delegates raved about the teaching and attested the GPA was the “biggest time” they and their wives had had in their lives. Some RREACH friends with a heart for Cuba helped fund the GPA and sent a team to lead a special track for the pastors’ wives. Praise God and pray that the fruit of GPA Cuba will multiply to His glory.

Cuba Graduation

Cuba National GPA Graduates

Would you also lift up the following items?

  • Total protection and global provision for every moment and detail concerning the GProCongress.
  • Dr. Richard and Bonnie spending time away together this weekend, the Lord willing.
  • Preparations for the Dallas GPA and selection of just the right pastors. To date, 18 pastors have been accepted and six have visas.

We appreciate you.

Travel recovery, special meetings and Dallas GPA prep

Dear praying friends,

The Lord provided what Dr. Richard called a “terrific” trip of ministry through India. Thank you for your prayers! It was also physically and spiritually rigorous, and your prayer for his rejuvenation and scheduled trip to attend a conference of Christian leaders in the Pacific Northwest would be appreciated. Next week, the Lord willing, a number of key GProCongress personnel will gather in Dallas for intensive meetings. We thank Him for these gifted and committed individuals and request prayer for their preparation, travel, discussion, decisions, and execution of plans.

And, believe it or not, the 2015 Dallas GPA is coming soon. To date we have accepted 16 candidates, two from new countries. We are praying for 25 fine young pastors to attend, at least five from countries never before represented at the GPA. Pastor S from Ivory Coast, a new country, applied for and received his visa this week! Please pray the Lord’s favor on these, and on the national GPA currently going on in Cuba.


Eager opinion leaders, strategic day of prayer and GPA Cuba

Dear praying friends,

Thank you for praying Dr. Richard through his first 2015 ministry trip. He has served in four different cities across India in 10 days. The Lord willing, he will return to Dallas later this week. Please pray that the Word Dr. Richard has proclaimed will continue to transform those who have heard. Some attendees of the recent pre-evangelistic event for business leaders in Aurangabad, India, were so interested in his talk on “Successful Success” that they wanted to meet with him right away!

Other items to bring before the Lord include a strategic prayer day with the RREACH staff next week and an opportunity to cast vision for the GProCongress at a gathering of leaders in the Pacific Northwest next weekend. Finally, praise God that GPA Cuba is set to begin tomorrow. Please pray for:

  • protection and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit for the organizers and master coaches
  • a deeply meaningful and life-changing experience for the delegates, and
  • the effects to spread across that oppressed land for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you!

Baseball, bagpipes and training pastors

Dear friends,

Thank you for praying for Dr. Richard as he traveled and ministered in the Dominican Republic and Cuba. We are excited to share these praises from the trip!

GPA Dominican Republic:


Dr. Richard teaching at GPA Dominican Republic.

National GPAs are intentionally designed to combine training and fellowship and are focused on younger pastors (in an effort to maximize the number of years they  multiply the training.) This combination of training, fellowship and focus on multiplication sets National GPAs apart from other training opportunities.

Because of demographics, church structure and other variables, it is not always easy to find younger pastors in certain countries, including in the Dominican Republic. Organizers had this to say:

It was very challenging at first for us to be able to register 25 pastors under 40 years of age. We have very few pastors in all the country with this requirement. A couple of days before starting we thought it was not going to be possible but God granted us the privilege of having 25 young pastors in the Academy. 

Regarding the training received, pastors said Dr. Richard’s Scripture Sculpture method of preparing and preaching expository sermons was very relevant to their ministries.

In terms of connecting and uniting the pastors, GPA Dominican Republic organizers put together a game of baseball, which thrilled participants—some who had not had the opportunity to play for years. It was such a treat that it became one of the things the pastors “wrote home” about.


Bonding via baseball.

“I grew up next to a baseball field,” Pastor U said. “I used to play every day but I had 10 years without doing it. My family was happy when I called them the day we were playing and gave them the news.”

Several of the pastors remarked on the way the GPA—through activities like the baseball game—brought together pastors of different denominations.

“It was amazing to have the opportunity to share with pastors from other denominations and see so many things we all have in common,” Pastor R said. “It was good to blow away the prejudice among denominations.”

RREACH encourages national GPA organizers to allow wives to attend over the weekend, and GPA Dominican Republic drew 21 wives – the most of any national GPA so far!

Some wives called the national GPA “another honeymoon,” and said it was an excellent opportunity to learn and share with their husbands without distractions.

Please continue to pray for the pastors who attended GPA Dominican Republic as they return to their ministries and apply what they learned.

Cuba Pastors Conference

In Cuba where the average income is $20 a month, there is a stark contrast between tourist and government areas and the rest of the country. While the population of Cuba is declining, the number of Christians is increasing!

The pastors conference, which drew 300 pastors and their wives, had a grand opening with bagpipes, an orchestra and dancing. David, who translated for Dr. Richard, had translated for Dr. John Richard (Dr. Richard’s father) 20 years ago!

The pastors were eager to learn and were a true blessing to Dr. Richard. Please continue to pray for these faithful men ministering in difficult circumstances.

Thank you for your continued prayer for Dr. Richard and RREACH.

For His glory,
Edie Ross
prayer coordinator

Greetings from Cuba


Dear Friends,

Thank you for praying for Dr. Richard’s trip to the Dominican Republic and Cuba. We can’t wait to give you a full update on the trip, but for now we want to share this video greeting and short note from Dr. Richard.

Greetings from Cuba–a country of mystery and history–where history got stuck, but life and time have not. 

Over 300 pastors and wives packed out one of their larger churches for five days of training and encouragement.

The opening ceremony–the grandest I have experienced–had a live bagpipe rendition of Amazing Grace, a full youth orchestra, and a kids’ dance troupe.

They remain under deprived conditions, but were remarkable in humble and courageous dedication to their Lord Jesus. They are convinced this is “God’s time for Cuba. Our population is decreasing, but His Church is growing. We need you,” they repeated.

Enjoy a lovely background from atop the “prayer porch” of a local seminary-host.  Thanks for your goodwill toward this ministry.




For His glory,

Edie Ross 
Prayer coordinator

Hitting the ground running in 2014

Dear friends,

Thank you for your prayer partnership with Dr. Richard and RREACH. Just 15 days into the new year and the RREACH offices are buzzing with activity. Please join us in praying for the following requests:

1. Dominican Republic/Cuba trip:

  • Please pray for Dr. Richard and RREACH staff as they travel to the Dominican Republic today, where GPA Dominican Republic is happening now.
  • Pray for Dr. Richard as he travels to Cuba and speaks at a pastors conference there. Pray that those attending will arrive safely and that the conference is encouraging for them.
  • Pray for GPA Dominican Republic and the 25 pastors attending it. Pray for Dr. Richard and other master coaches as they teach and for the delegates to be strengthened and connected to one another.
GPA Dominican Republic Pastors

GPA Dominican Republic Pastors

2. Global Pastoral Trainers Congress:

Join us in praising the Lord for overwhelming encouragement from other pastoral trainers around the world as Dr. Richard continues to seek God’s wisdom on the location of the 2016 Congress after Manila, Philippines had to withdraw because of the November super-typhoon.

Multiple viable location possibilities have been suggested, so please continue to pray for wisdom, discernment and humility as a decision is made.

3. 2014 Media Outreach:


Praise God for the early response we are getting to Dr. Richard’s 2014 State of Humanity address “LifeSaveyour.” Since Jan. 1, 850,000-plus people have been exposed to the content on Facebook and 24,844 have “liked” it.

Just over 10,000 people have visited our program-specific web site (, 591 have indicated that they have prayed and asked the Lord Jesus to be their Savior and 120 have entered into follow-up e-mail conversations with worldview-trained evangelists. We hope you’ll visit the site and share it with your friends!

Please continue to pray that the lost would come to know the Lord Jesus through our LifeRocks Facebook page and web site.

4. Upcoming DTS chapel:

Finally, please pray for Dr. Richard as he delivers the chapel address at Dallas Theological Seminary on January 28. Pray that Dr. Richard would be well-rested after quite a bit of international travel this month and that God would use his words to encourage students, faculty and guests attending.DTS logo

If you are in the Dallas area and would like to attend a luncheon following the chapel, please email me at by Jan. 20. We’d love to see you and update you on what RREACH is looking forward to this year.

For His glory,
Edie Ross
Prayer coordinator