An eventful season

Dear praying friends,

In brief:

  • Give thanks for Ryan and Chelsie Richard’s beautiful, Christ-honoring wedding ceremony.
  • Praise God for 26 pastors approved to come to the U.S. for the Dallas GPA!
  • Thank the Lord Jesus for the wonderful volunteers lending very helpful hands to GPA preparation.
  • Pray for personal proclamation opportunities for Dr. Richard in Paraguay, Venezuela and more.

The bigger picture:

Ryan and Chelsie cutting cake

On a Texas May day, family and friends celebrated Ryan and Chelsie Richard’s garden wedding, an event that exalted the Lord Jesus. Praise Him for His work in the couple’s lives and pray for their growth together in Him. Praise God, too, that Dr. Richard’s voice held up as he officiated; he eventually lost it from being outdoors on the high-allergen weekend.

Our prayers have been answered: We now have 26 pastors with visas for the June 10 – 30 Dallas GPA (our goal was 25). Thank you so much for praying. And please keep on praying for this group of fine, young pastoral leaders to be supernaturally connected, united and strengthened. Pray for safe, smooth travels and entry into the US. Most will be starting their journeys in less than a week.

Several sets of volunteers have lent their encouraging presence and helping hands to getting us ready for the GPA. We cannot thank God enough for them. Please pray blessing on them and on all final preparations for this major annual event. Also remember the teams serving behind the scenes.

Dr. Richard’s summer following the Dallas GPA is filling up rapidly. Ask God for clear leading about upcoming personal proclamation opportunities in Paraguay and Venezuela and later possibilities in Costa Rica, Hungary, and several locations in India, as well as U.S.-based engagements. Pray that he will be an effective spokesman for the Sovereign Savior worldwide.

Receiving God’s goodness

Dear praying friends,

On a recent flight, Dr. Richard prayed with an airplane seatmate whose mother was dying. A few days later he got word that the mother miraculously pulled through! Thank God for His kindness and pray for the family to continue to experience His loving care.

As national GPAs in Brazil and a special region conclude this week, pray that each pastor will go forward better connected, united and strengthened for ministry. Also pray for blessings on upcoming national GPAs in Niger and Mongolia.

NGPA Banner outside of the dorms.

GPA Brazil banner outside of dormitory

Last weekend Dr. Richard was privileged to speak at Shadow Mountain Community Church, Dr. David Jeremiah’s church in southern California. Praise God for this opportunity and for the wonderful connections he made while there. If you wish to listen to his message, you may access the recorded service at

Later this month Ramesh is scheduled for a pastors conference and meetings with leaders from several sectors in a troubled African country. Please pray for many to receive the Lord Jesus’ favor and for the whole country to experience positive change.

GProCongress core team to meet; 2015 Dallas GPA complete

Dear praying friends,

The GProCongress core team is to gather in Dallas for several days of planning next week. Casting vision, sourcing key speakers, mobilizing attendees, and developing financial support are primary undertakings. Please ask the Lord for increased clarity, strength, unity and joy for all involved as the depth, breadth and speed of preparations increase.

Thank you for your prayers, encouragement and many kinds of support during the demanding but worthwhile 2015 Dallas GPA. God blessed greatly. Twenty-six fine young pastoral leaders have graduated and returned to their 26 different countries better connected, united and strengthened to proclaim the Lord Jesus Christ. Please intercede for total protection and global provision for all 248 grads from the 10 Dallas GPAs held since 2005 as they serve.

Dr. Richard’s Media Outreach messages, distributed online and through social media, continue to spur people to think about the Lord Jesus Christ in new ways. Please remember to pray for hearers to place their faith in Him.

Finally, lift up Dr. Richard’s and Bonnie’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. We praise God for how He has sustained them and ask His ongoing favor on them.

Praise for a vital GProCongress deadline met, GPA Nicaragua begins, and ongoing Dallas GPA needs

Dear praying friends,

GPA Nicaragua—another country with great needs—goes into its first full day today! Please ask the Lord’s blessing on the pastoral delegates, master coaches and organizers, as well as their families while they are away. Pray for these young leaders to be connected, united and strengthened in a special way for an entire lifetime.

GPA Nicaragua pastors start the morning with worship

GPA Nicaragua pastors start the morning with worship

Thirty-three candidates have now been accepted to this year’s Dallas GPA; eleven have U.S. visas—one just granted yesterday. The process of getting U.S. visas this year has been unusually difficult. Residents of some countries are finding it difficult to enter even with U.S. visas. RREACH takes great care to abide by national policies, and every single Dallas GPA delegate has returned, as promised, to his home country. We ask you to pray for the Lord’s favor on the four pastors who have yet to apply for their visas, as well as those who will be reapplying. We appreciate your intercession on behalf of all who live in difficult areas.

Dr. Richard met an important GProCongress program deadline last week. Thank you for lifting him up! Please continue to ask the Lord to provide a Congress program director. More key meetings, some video-recording projects and preparation for upcoming speaking engagements are on his schedule this week. Pray for these, too.