In his words: Ramesh Richard September update

Dear praying friends,

Two days in 30 were all I could give to Dallas last month. Fortunately, six of the 30 were spent with Bonnie and son Robby and his family in Greenville, South Carolina. Everyone with grandkids know they energize grandparents while depleting them. They gave me enough joy to bear the intense travel of the month.

It began in the eastern tip of North America—Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. A dozen leaders met to discuss additional initiatives stimulated at last year’s GProCongress. That GProCongress, which you helped support, continues to ripple all over the world with beautiful and fruitful effect.

Speaking over a weekend at Shadow Mountain Community Church in San Diego, California, on the other end of the continent, was another amazing experience. Well-trained to listen by eminent preacher Dr. David Jeremiah, God’s people were terrifically responsive.

Soon after I left for a most remote country which most don’t know exists! Broken, but beautiful and beloved, Burundi (Google it!) wore me out. ALARM, Inc. our host, had me speak

  • Sunday—at a three and a half hour service for about 2000 people, involving a one and a half hour message with translation. My voice was already showing weakness.
  • Monday—four hours with 120 select pastors on “Shepherding;” their questions showed much lack of pastoral training.
  • Tuesday—three hours with 80 officers of their police and military sitting together for the first time in their history to uphold both the law and government of the land, hearing about Ethics and Society. Several made public spiritual commitments. That evening with businessmen had a light turn-out, yet many among the few embraced the Gospel.


    Ramesh speaks with Burundian police and military officers on “Ethics and Society.”

  • Wednesday—three hours with about 200 university students on “Foundations for the Future.” Their questions, too, revealed lack of basic knowledge, but great eagerness.
  • Wednesday evening was my highlight as 100 select politicians from ALL 29 political parties attended a two hour seminar. I don’t know any country where all political parties would attend anywhere together! Several embraced the Gospel.

With my voice totally silent by then, I wondered how I could proclaim God’s Word two more times on the way back. And as I have experienced many times before, God’s strength accompanied my weakness…just for the speaking moment…and then I became weak again. God did it, once more! Thank you for being part of His specific support system in this servant’s life of proclaiming and multiplying proclaimers of God’s Word worldwide.



P.S. Feeling uncertain about the state of the world? You may find comfort in my reflections from October 2001.

Fruit and floods

Dear praying friends,

It took Dr. Ramesh Richard 46 hours just to get to Burundi, a beautiful African country scarred by tribal conflicts, but his four days there last week were rich in opportunity. He was invited to preach one and a half hours in a (three and a half hour) Sunday church service, spoke at a pastors conference, and held major, separate sessions with military, police, government and business leaders and students.

We prayed for good attendance and great fruit and God granted these requests. One example: Representatives from all 29 political parties filled the meeting room to hear Dr. Richard speak, and more than 20 of them indicated making major life decisions. Praise Him!

Pray that all of these efforts will result in people finding peace with God and making peace among themselves. Also pray that Burundi’s pastoral leaders will multiply the training they’ve received.

The Lord willing, on his return trip Dr. Richard will stop to speak twice at a fellowship in an influential country. Pray that his voice and energy will hold up. He also plans to meet with RREACH’s Director of Ministries to discuss organizational architecture, ministries integration and project priorities.

The last few weeks we have been praying for flood victims in Nepal, Bangladesh and India, and for mudslide victims in Sierra Leone. We now add flood victims in the Houston, Texas, area to that list. Please ask God for immediate help for all affected, and for many to receive the eternal rescue the Lord Jesus offers. Ask Him to direct and strengthen those giving aid.

Thank you!


An update: Dallas GPA, National GPAs and the GProCongress

Dear friends,

Thank you for continuing to pray for Dr. Richard and RREACH. It has been a busy month since the Dallas GPA graduation banquet. We’re blessed to share the following praises and prayer requests:


1. The 2014 Dallas GPA graduates made it home safely and have returned to their faithful service of the Lord – some in very difficult contexts. As we hear from them, we are praising God for the impact the Dallas GPA already has made in their lives and ministries.

After returning to Zimbabwe, Pastor J wrote this: “I will live to remember the day Dr. Ramesh challenged me to recommit my calling to serve Him in all seasons and to the end. It was like the Lord was undertaking a heart [surgery] in me. The message was very personal and very convicting.”

Pastor M from Nicaragua got to work right away on putting together GPA Nicaragua, and less than two weeks after arriving home reported that he already had 22 potential applicants. GPA Nicaragua is set for mid-November 2014.

2. In early July the “seed” team for the Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers met face-to-face for the first time. Praise God for this meeting and for His provision of needed and gifted team members in the areas of logistics, registration, recruitment and follow-up.

Prayer requests:

1. Please pray for GPA Burundi, underway right now. Twenty-nine pastors representing every region of the Central African country are in attendance. Pray for the organizers, master coaches and delegates, and pray that this 10-day version of the Dallas GPA would connect, unite and strengthen these pastors for God’s glory.

2. Pray in the following ways for the Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers, to take place, the Lord willing, June 15-22, 2016 near Bangkok, Thailand.

  • Last week the official announcement of the Congress and its website ( went out to nearly 2,000 organizations involved in pastoral training around the world. Pray this effort would bear much fruit toward great attendance at the Congress.
  • Pray for the Lord to provide the needed people to round out the Congress team.
  • Pray for God’s divine wisdom and direction in all areas of planning and preparation for the Congress.
  • Pray for Dr. Richard as he balances the intense demands of the Congress with the other aspects of his RREACH ministry.
  • Pray for potential attendees as they become aware of the Congress and begin making plans to attend.
  • Pray for provision of needed funds for the Congress.

3. Pray in the following ways for Dr. Richard’s upcoming trip to the Middle East.

  • Pray for travel mercies and divine appointments as he travels.
  • Pray that Dr. Richard will be well-rested as he communicates God’s Word at the Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary’s Campus Dedication and Graduation Ceremony.
  • Pray that Dr. Richard’s overseas travel arrangements are well-organized and impactful as he meets with multiple leaders of organizations involved in pastoral training in the Middle East.

4. Pray for God to fully provide the General Fund budget by Dec. 31, 2014.

For His glory,

Edie Ross
prayer coordinator