In his words: Ramesh Richard January 2018 update

Dear praying friends,

“Happy New Year” seems trite and passé. However, with the Eternal Father of time (in His ownership), above time (in His essence), and over time (in His control), I wish you a Hope-filled New Year.

Immersed in Psalm 90 at the turn of the year, I noticed verse 9: “We end our years with a sigh!” And we did sigh, indeed, in exhaling 2017, and not necessarily with lament, though it was a tough year for some. With gratitude for God’s wisdom in numbering our fast-fleeting and frail days (v. 12), we appeal to God to display His splendor and extend His favor to us (vs. 16-17).

…we appeal to God to display His splendor and extend His favor to us…

I began last month began by personally witnessing to a brilliant airplane seat-mate from Portland to Dallas. He ended up acknowledging his need and affirming his trust in the Lord Jesus. Rejoice with me!

Then it was on to year-end business as our entire board again signed on for the next annual term. We have godly and practical counsel watching over this ministry. Fine Ministries, Operations and Advancement reports affirmed the excellence of this work.

I dashed off on a two-day trip to Costa Rica, where RREACH established a Chair of Biblical Preaching and Pastoral Ministries at ESEPA, a foremost Central America seminary. We wish to elevate the local church and advance the cause of biblical Preaching through key schools like this worldwide. On the flight back, I got to sow seeds and shake the belief of a young, bright Jewish/Costa Rican businessman. We are following up with LifeRocks thoughts and videos.

The month’s ministry highlight was an intense, three-day gathering of our Ministries staff around a singular priority: How do we enhance RREACH’s “I Proclaim” (iPro) core in order to affirm our charter, uniqueness and mission? We are beginning a short-term (2018-2020) balancing for strength and implementation. Thank you always for standing with us.

Very soon, I am to re-enter the classroom at Dallas Seminary. I have enjoyed getting prepared for these educational encounters with the future of the Church, especially in America. I am glad I am able to contribute to this great land, too, in fulfilling the “worldwide” part of our Mission and our Lord’s Final Commission. Thank you for once again being a part of this personal, biblical and global ministry in changing the way One Billion Individuals think and hear about the Lord Jesus Christ.

In the Inexhaustible One,


2015 Dallas GPA has begun: Special request for week one

Dear Praying Friends:

“What you have heard from me, keep as the pattern of sound teaching, with faith and love in Christ Jesus.” 2 Timothy 1:13


-For the safe arrival of all 26 pastors.

-That the one pastor who was feeling ill is better and the other pastor whose luggage was missing has arrived.

-For a wonderful opening day, making the pastors feel especially welcome and setting the tone for a good GPA experience.

-For the very practical study outline provided by Dr. Ramesh Richard that helps train our pastors in biblical preaching.


-That the pastors would be encouraged by and attentive to the Master Coaches of the first week: Dr. Ramesh Richard, Dr. David Dockery, Dr. Bill Brown, Dr. George Murray and Dr. Bryan Chapell.

-For clarity and effectiveness of instruction from the Master Coaches.

-For the fellowship of the 2015 GPA pastors to overflow into lifelong ministry partnerships with each other and with previous GPA graduates.

-As each pastor gives a formal ministry report, for the entire group to be stirred to glorify God (cf. Acts 14:27.)

-That the time the pastors spend one-on-one will develop into rich bonds of personal and ministry partnerships.

-For wisdom as the pastors consider the best uses for the material they are gathering.

-For the lessons to speak to the personal heart of each pastor. May they sense the leading of the Spirit.

-For good attendance at Global Impact meals.

-That the remainder of Dallas GPA funding is received and that the Lord provides for half of the pastors’ airfare.

-That all events during the Dallas GPA will be well planned and attended.

-Protection over and unity among the RREACH staff.