A wave of Resurrection Day prayer!

Dear praying friends,

In brief:

  • Dr. Richard finally began the New Year!
  • In honor of Dr. Richard’s parents, we’re expanding our care for pastors’ families through The ENLARGE Fund.
  • The RREACH Ministries team prepares for a major project in Africa.
  • The Dallas GPA candidate-with-visa count grows to 16!
  • Above all…

The bigger picture:

GPA El Salvador vista

Enjoy the view GPA El Salvador pastors had. In spite of gang violence in the area, God kept the pastors safe, and 19 graduated last week.

After the whirlwind of the last few of months, Dr. Richard finally found a couple of days for focused prayer and dedication to officially begin 2018. He now has nine months in which to execute 12 months of plans! Prayer support is priceless to him. Please keep on!

Ramesh has long carried a burden to strengthen pastoral leaders and their families, including widows and orphans, in situations of extreme poverty, social persecution and natural disaster. In honor of his dear parents, John and Manorama Richard, he is expanding RREACH efforts in that area with The ENLARGE Fund. Please pray for this endeavor to raise US$1 million this year.

RREACH Ministries team members meet this weekend, the Lord willing, to work toward a pastoral trainers congress in Africa. Much thought and effort have been given to this, and much more is anticipated. Ask God for His wisdom, protection and provision, and that He will use this meeting to strongly move the project forward.

Praise God — we’re up to 16 Dallas GPA candidates with visas! Six represent new countries. We have purchased flights for 10 of them. Twelve more pastors are in the admissions process. Our goal is the right 25 young pastoral leaders to comprise the 2018 class.

Above all: HE IS RISEN!

Let’s create a wave of prayer and worship over the earth this Resurrection Day! From where the sun rises in the farthest East to where it sets in the farthest West, whenever and wherever your day begins, let us worship the Lord Jesus Christ and pray blessing forward on our brothers and sisters whose day is yet to begin. And let us pray for many more to trust Him!

From the rising of the sun to its setting the name of the Lord is to be praised. Psalm 113:3


Intense GProCongress preparation; Inspirational Challenge deadline today!

Dear praying friends,

Thank you for praying in the power of the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ! We hope your Easter celebration of our Savior was sweet.

The GProCongress team is facing many challenges as they prepare for eight highly intentional, carefully scheduled days in June. Pray for wisdom, precision and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit in the coordination of all the moving parts. Ask God for His power to prevail in behind-the-scenes operations. Pray for just the right people to fill the remaining presentation slots. Pray that those already committed to serve as emcees, speakers, presenters and coaches will be clearly directed by the Spirit as they prepare.

In delegate recruitment, we are asking in faith for not more than 5,000 pastoral trainers from 200 countries. Currently, more than 2,000 from 97 countries are in various stages of application/registration/payment. Intercede for the right pastoral trainers representing every nation of the world to be motivated and able to attend. Uphold Dr. Richard as he considers a number of pending recruitment trips to Central America, South America, Asia and Africa.

Please also pray for many to be moved to give toward the Congress in the final hours of our Inspirational Challenge. Over 75% has come in; we are in need of about $260,000 to meet our March 31 goal.

We are grateful beyond words for your faithful intercession for physical/spiritual/mental/relational protection and provision for Dr. Richard, the RREACH and GProCongress teams, and the RREACH board. God is able!

New Congress connections in Arab- and Russian-speaking worlds

Dear praying friends,

Praise God! He provided two windows of opportunity into the Arab-speaking and Russian-speaking worlds—and the required travel visas—for Dr. Ramesh Richard to make new connections for the GProCongress. In addition to praying for good fruit for the Congress, please ask the Lord for special endurance and clarity of mind since Dr. Richard’s flight out of Dallas on Sunday was delayed, leading to a missed connection and a night of sleep lost for him and his host in the Northern Africa region.

Also praise God for the steady response to the GProCongress Inspirational Challenge of $1.1 million by March 31. Generous friends have given about half of that goal amount. Every gift is precious. We just received the following note from a pastor in Ethiopia: “I am so much impressed by the scope and scale of your influence and would like to be part of it. Thank you for your sponsorship of the logistics which none of us would get chance to afford it unless and otherwise.

Dr. Richard, the RREACH team and the GProCongress team are deeply grateful for your prayers that they will remain focused on and abiding in the Lord Jesus Christ. Please continue to pray for His total protection and global provision.

“We have learned a new thing…”: praise/prayer update from Africa

Dear Praying Friends,

Praise: GPA Mali accomplished!

mali 3Against earthly odds, 21 pastors graduated from GPA Mali last week. Master Coach Pastor MN reported,

It was a new experience which challenged us in a new way. We have learned a new thing to trust God more in hard situations. The world news highlights on Mali: Ebola, Jihaddists, etc., and not enough attendees in the first three days, really shook us. If it were not for Christ’s sake we could have decided otherwise. But now, we have joy and thanksgiving in our heart. As Paul said, ‘We have kept the faith,’ and RREACH has shown how much it cares for the Church of Christ, for it could have cancelled the Mali national GPA.”

“We are thankful to God for His grace, care, protection and provision throughout the whole GPA Mali.

Dr. Richard’s Journey Through Africa

Dr. Richard is grateful for the prayers sustaining him through less-than-ideal circumstances when he first reached Africa. His hosts’ warm spirits blessed him through a busy first few days in Malawi and South Africa. Please continue to intercede for him as he heads, the Lord willing, into a large pastors conference and evangelistic events in Uganda, as well as GProCongress vision-casting gatherings with leaders in Uganda and Ethiopia. Also pray for organizers and attendees.

Thank you for praying!

Prayer needed: GPA in “difficult/dangerous” Mali, Dr. Richard leaving on 4-country Africa trip

Dear friends,

GPA Mali – a difficult and dangerous undertaking

Mali is one of the most difficult and dangerous places in the world for anyone, let mali_small_mapalone Christians. It is also one of the world’s poorest nations. Yet right now, three courageous and committed Dallas GPA grads are holding a national GPA for 21 Malian pastors who have braved threats of terrorism, war and Ebola to attend.

Pastor MO, the sole Dallas GPA grad from Mali (2007), traveled two weeks one way to GPA Togo last September to observe a national GPA in process. He then single-handedly organized GPA Mali, with fellow Dallas grads Pastor MN from Burundi (2012) and Pastor MS from Togo (2013) joining him as master coaches. By the opening day of November 14, only 15 of the anticipated 25 delegates had arrived. Others had started their journeys two days ahead of time, but were still held up by various difficulties. The team worked hard to encourage them to persevere.

“Every day since we came the news is not encouraging,” Pastor MS wrote Sunday. “The state of Ebola is increasing and there is a lot of fear in the city. But because of Christ we are more than conquerors…. I am starting the ‘Scripture Sculpture’ and need your prayers to be effective while teaching.”

Yesterday we received communication from Pastor MN: “We have started well and are grateful to God for His grace. We have 21 ministers of the Gospel. We are thankful for them. However, one has lost a child in his church. Please pray for him and his church family.”

Both expressed thankfulness to be part of the Global Proclamation Commission, serving “among passionate people making Jesus Christ known and the Church healthier by equipping pastors to teach and preach sound biblical messages”–even, and specifically, in Mali. As Pastor MN declared, “May all the glory be to God.”

Please pray earnestly with us for the organizers and pastors of GPA Mali, and for their churches and families.

Dr. Ramesh Richard – upcoming proclamation trip in Africa

Dr. Richard leaves today, Tuesday, November 18, for a 14-day, four-country trip to Southern and Eastern Africa. Please pray that he will be able to meet about 25 key pastoral trainers in each country–Malawi, South Africa, Ethiopia and Uganda–regarding the Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers. This weekend he is to speak at an apologetics conference and at Dallas GPA grad Pastor F’s church in Lilongwe. Next week he is speaking at a pastors conference and evangelistic event in Uganda. This will be his first time away from home over Thanksgiving in 38 years. He is also preparing for a number of key engagements taking place immediately upon his return.

Please pray for Christ-likeness, capacity and creativity for Dr. Richard, as well as the Lord’s total protection and global provision on him and all with whom he will come in contact.

“Blessings from Botswana where the Lions Roar!”

Dear friends,

Thank you for continuing to pray for Dr. Richard and RREACH. Please join us in praising God for an update to this request.

GPA Botswana:

GPA Botswana began yesterday with 21 pastors under age 39. Organizers are hoping a few additional pastors will arrive today.

Please pray:

  • For these pastors to be connected, united and strengthened over the next 10 days.
  • For organizers and RREACH national GPA staff who anticipate a few challenges—the host will have limited availability, as he is running for office and has a busy schedule.
  • For Pastor R from South Africa and Pastor N from Swaziland, who are traveling to help (Pastor N is even spending his own money to attend!) Praise the Lord for these faithful friends, generous with both their time and money.
  • For Rajiv Richard, National GPA coordinator, who is at GPA Botswana and keeping us updated on prayer requests. (He sent us the blessing that entitles this post!)

GPA Togo:

GPA Togo came to a close on Sept. 6.

2014-09-01 15.29.44 (1)

GPA Togo participants

According to organizers, the participants were “challenged far beyond their expectations.” Organizers said participants were particularly interested in Scripture Sculpture as a “new and exceptional method of expository preaching.”

One participant said “We never have had such a conference in Togo,” and organizers reported that many of the delegates have requested for GPA Togo to be a yearly occurrence. (RREACH helps with the cost of the first National GPA in each country. Several countries, including Venezuela, Liberia and Uganda, hosted subsequent events of various sizes at their own cost! Pray that GPA Togo could be added to this list.)

Please continue to pray for those who attended GPA Togo – that the skills and connections acquired during the GPA will bear fruit in their ministries.

For His glory,

Edie Ross

prayer coordinator

National GPAs: Burundi, Swaziland, Togo and Botswana

Dear friends,

Thank you for your continued prayer for Dr. Richard and RREACH. Dr. Richard returned safely to the United States after his four-country trip to the Middle East. Praise God for that trip, where seeds were sown toward populating the Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers and also toward national GPAs in this difficult region. Please continue to pray for fruit from these efforts.

Please also join us in prayer for national GPAs that recently took place, are currently underway or are coming up soon in Africa.

GPA Burundi: 

Thank you for praying for this national GPA that took place in early August. Enjoy some pictures, and please continue to pray for the delegates who attended and the ministries that they oversee.

GPA Burundi delegates with their certificates.

GPA Burundi delegates with their certificates.

To build unity among the pastors, GPA Burundi organizers included several activities, including boating.

To build unity among the pastors, GPA Burundi organizers scheduled several activities, including boating.

GPA Swaziland:

This national GPA brought together 24 pastors from around Swaziland in late August. This group of pastors banded together to endure some difficulties, including the sudden departure of Pastor N, who was one of the organizers and main session leaders for GPA Swaziland. Pastor N, a 2005 Dallas GPA graduate, left to tend to his family following the death of his brother.

Pastor W, 2013 Dallas grad, center; Pastor R, 2012 Dallas GPA grad, is to the far right. Pastor R has helped with at least three national GPAs outside of his home country of South Africa. Pastor N, who had to leave early to tend to his family, is between Pastor W and Pastor R.

GPA Swaziland organizers: Pastor W, 2013 Dallas GPA grad, is center; Pastor R, 2012 Dallas GPA grad, is to the far right. Pastor R has helped with at least three national GPAs outside of his home country of South Africa. Pastor N, who had to leave early to tend to his family, is between Pastor W and Pastor R.

Please continue to pray for the delegates and organizers of GPA Swaziland as they put into practice what they learned and multiply their training by sharing it with pastors in their regions. Also, continue to pray for Pastor N and his family.

GPA Togo: 

GPA Togo


This national GPA started today. Pray for the organizers, master coaches and delegates, and pray that this 10-day version of the Dallas GPA would connect, unite and strengthen these pastors for God’s glory.


GPA Botswana: 

GPA Botswana

This national GPA is coming up in mid-September. Pray for 25-plus fine, young pastors to attend from multiple regions and denominations within Botswana. Pray for organizers and RREACH national GPA staff as they work out the details of this upcoming national GPA.



 For His glory,
Edie Ross
Prayer Coordinator

“Whoa! Did you get all that?” – a fellow traveler’s thoughts on Africa

Dear friends,

Thank you for continuing to pray for Dr. Richard and RREACH. We have much to praise God for, and much to continue to lift up in prayer.

Three friends of RREACH accompanied Dr. Richard on his travels to Africa, including board member Shelby Barnette and Sherman, Texas couple Jeremy and Sherry Knight. Jeremy Knight wrote to friends and family, compiling some of his thoughts on the trip. He graciously shared that report with RREACH, and we’d like to share it with you.

We hope you’ll join us in praising God for His work through Dr. Richard and RREACH as you hear about it through the eyes of a fellow traveler.

One highlight was witnessing the pastors who previously attended a Dallas GPA facilitate and serve as peer coaches at a national GPA, teaching 25 to 30 of their fellow pastors in both South Africa and Zambia. Man did these guys hit it out of the park!

I realized that these were the 35th and 36th national GPAs conducted as a result of Dallas GPA graduates fulfilling their  challenge to “take it back and pass it on,” and that these national GPAs represent close to 1,000 pastors trained in the last four years. What’s more, each of those 1,000 pastors represent another 10 to 25 pastors in their circle of influence.

RREACH, Lord willing, will plan national GPAs in 136 countries before the end of the decade. There also is a massive congress (the Global Pastoral Trainers Congress) planned in Manila, Philippines in early 2016.

Whoa! Did you get all that??

This doesn’t even scratch the surface in defining the “Only God”-possible multiplication factor we witnessed. I must trust the Holy Spirit to allow the reality of this to soak in, as we also struggle to digest God’s incomprehensible outreach and love for humanity.

Captain and Mrs. Knight also were able to witness Dr. Richard’s efforts to reach opinion leaders with the gospel, which they described as another trip highlight.

Please join us in praying for both national GPAs and the upcoming Global Pastoral Trainers Congress. Stay tuned for more information on both.

For His glory,

Edie Ross
prayer coordinator

An update on Africa, full report to come

Dear friends,

Thank you all for your prayers for Dr. Richard’s trip to Africa. We learned this morning that Dr. Richard has safely landed in Dallas. Praise the Lord!

Dr. Richard reported that he was not able to meet with the president of Zambia, but did meet the chief political officer, who introduced himself as a born-again Christian!

Dr. Richard also asked us to join him in praising God that both the national television and national radio interviews went well and are airing today—Zambia’s Independence Day and the 100th birthday of their capital city of Lusaka.

We hope to bring you a full trip update very soon!

For now, please continue to pray for GPA Zambia, which will end on Saturday.

For His glory,

Edie Ross
prayer coordinator


From Zambia to you: A greeting from Ramesh Richard

Dear friends,

Dr. Richard is currently ministering in Africa, and sent this video greeting this morning (Monday afternoon Zambia time). We are so excited to share it with you.

Please also rejoice with us over some praises from Dr. Richard’s trip across four countries in Africa, and please join us in prayer for the remainder of his time abroad.


  • Dr. Richard had the humbling privilege of personally leading a Zambian ambassador (who some in Zambia have referred to as a possible “kingmaker”) to trust in Christ. Dr Richard reported, “I sent him away rejoicing!”
  • Praise God for an evangelistic event where 50 attended and at least two responded to the Gospel message.
  • Praise God for a dinner Dr. Richard attended at the home of the head of southern Africa’s wing of a global beverage corporation. The man, Hindu by faith, came to the evangelistic event Sunday night and heard Dr. Richard speak on Unmasked: Facing the Mystery of Evil. While the man seemingly only wanted to prove his religiosity during his dinner with Dr. Richard, his chauffeur was eternally rescued! Please continue to pray for the man, that what he has been told about the Lord Jesus would weigh heavily upon his heart until he has no response but to submit his life!

Prayer requests

  • Please pray for wisdom and articulation as Dr. Richard has received a sudden invitation to speak on national television in Zambia on Tuesday. Pray that God would speak through him and that many would be brought closer to faith in the Lord Jesus after hearing Dr. Richard.
  • Also pray for Dr. Richard as he conducts a national Christian radio interview, which will be aired on Thursday, the Zambian Independence Day and the 100th anniversary of the city of Lusaka. Pray that his words would encourage, uplift and motivate Zambian Christians and that the airing of it on such an important holiday would carry God’s message far and wide.
  • Finally, pray for the potential opportunity for Dr. Richard to meet with the President of Zambia, who has said he will meet with Dr. Richard if he (the President) is back in Lusaka by 1 p.m. (6 a.m. Dallas time) Tuesday. Pray that the President does make it back to the city and that the Lord would use their meeting to bring glory to Himself.

For His glory,

Edie Ross
prayer coordinator

P.S. Stay tuned for reports on GPA South Africa and GPA Zambia.