In his words: Ramesh Richard February 2020 update

Dear praying friends,

We have just passed 02022020. For 900+ years we could not have written out a numerical palindrome (same backward as forward) of the date. February 2, 2020, tells me the year and decade are in full swing. I must use time and life well.

The year began with an intense trip to Brazil to teach a Dallas Seminary course on Culture, Meaning and Contextualization to 14 doctoral level students. One wrote, “Professor, I write briefly to thank you for this week of great wealth for our lives.” RREACH uses the tagline “delivering spiritual wealth worldwide” with special reference to those who have not heard the Gospel, but did not think we bring wealth to believers, too. Paul’s writings express biblical precedence to “spiritual riches in Christ Jesus” for all.

I also got to preach and cast vision for the October 2020 Global Proclamation Congress for Trainers of Pastors of Latin America & the Caribbean in three cities. We want 20% of the attendees to be Portuguese-speaking. Please pray for God’s wisdom in this good work of preparing for great outputs of this entire vision and project.

The day after I returned, I had to speak at the Dallas Seminary chapel. Though I was tired after an overnight flight from São Paulo and sad with a dear friend who lost his wife, God strengthened me. My friend and I, and all of us, must use time and life well.

A new immigrant congregation made up of dynamic and gifted young people from India invited me to bring an evangelistic talk to their growing church plant. I remembered my own youth and offered to switch ages with them. No one has yet agreed.

With the new year upon us, I am shifting my attention to writing for all audiences, delivery mechanisms, and line extension of products. Would you pray for deep concentration of mind and the creation of blocks of time to produce content of substance to deliver spiritual health to believers and nonbelievers?

Thank you for joining us in yet another year of service. I have many decisions to constantly make; I need to know the Lord’s guidance, insight and empowerment, for they affect many at several levels. I appreciate your prayer so very much.

In the Inexhaustible Vine,

1 thought on “In his words: Ramesh Richard February 2020 update

  1. Ramesh,

    I read your February update. I pray for you often and am so thankful for you. God is truly blessing your efforts as you venture to different countries to preach the gospel.

    All my best,


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