A wedding and other good news

Dear praying friends:

In brief:

  • Praise God for more time for Dr. Richard to get away to prayerfully think about the future of RREACH.
  • Praise and keep praying for openings to connect evangelistically with opinion leaders.
  • Praise for Dr. Richard’s son Ryan’s wedding this weekend!
  • Praise for a 24th pastor granted a visa to attend the Dallas GPA! Pray for the final two pastors in the process.
  • Remember pastors serving in areas of oppression and persecution and the imminent national GPA in a closed country.

The bigger picture:

Dr. Richard was able to get away again to work on ministry planning. Praise God for these precious times and pray for the output to draw many closer to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Continue to pray about potential pre-evangelistic events in Paraguay and other global locations. Thank God for Dr. Richard’s opportunities to deepen personal friendships with opinion leaders. Pray that they will come to trust in the Lord Jesus.

The Richard family is getting ready for Ryan’s wedding this weekend. They are grateful for prayer as Ryan and his fiancée, Chelsie, commit themselves to each other in the Lord. The couple has asked Dr. Richard to officiate; please uphold him as he prepares for this sacred and celebratory occasion.

With the Dallas GPA less than three weeks away, please intensify prayer for the 24 pastor-delegates, the Master Coaches who will be teaching them, and the RREACH, GPA and DTS staff members who will be serving them. Pray for the Lord to show His splendor (Psalm 90:16). Also uphold the final pastors going for visa appointments:  Pastor W, South Africa (May 30); and Pastor D, Niger (May 30). We are trusting the Lord for a full class of the right 25 (or more!) pastors.

Also, Dr. Richard received this not-so-good news from a Dallas GPA graduate this week: “We have just experienced the greatest ‘storm’ ever … in two weeks the official people came six times … yesterday more than 25 from six departments came to ‘educate’ us to stop teaching here … Our place is under watch.” On June 1, a national GPA is scheduled to begin in a different, but also closed, country. Please intercede for God’s clear leading, powerful protection, and His Name to be lifted up in these situations.

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