Updated: D. John Richard memorial service information

Dr. John Richard

D. John Richard

(February 20, 1923 – February 3, 2018)

A graveside service begins at 3 p.m. (with a viewing open at 2:30 p.m.) on Saturday, February 17, at the Chapel of Hughes Family Tribute Center, 9700 Webb Chapel Road, Dallas, TX 75220 (https://www.hughescrownhill.com/directions). A memorial service with reception follows at 5 p.m. at Northrich Baptist Church, 1101 Custer Road, Richardson, TX 75080 (http://www.northrich.org/overview/). A celebration for the life of Rev. Dr. D. John Richard in India is also anticipated. Details will be announced soon.

Memorial gifts to honor this bond servant of the Most High One may be made to International Friendship Evangelism, which ministers to international students primarily at Syracuse University (www.friendshipevangelism.org), to Action International, which evangelizes, disciples and develops primarily underprivileged people in urban areas (www.actioninternational.org), and/or to RREACH, a global proclamation ministry which evangelizes leaders and strengthens pastors to reach large numbers of individuals worldwide (www.rreach.org).

Rev. Dr. John Richard’s family is deeply grateful for the outpouring of love, memories and prayers from all over the world at this important time.

6 thoughts on “Updated: D. John Richard memorial service information

  1. Dear Dr. John Richard,

    I thank God for the life of uncle John Richard who by his example and brotherly love supported and encouraged many servants of God including Dr. Emil Jebasingh of Vishwa Vani, India.

    May the Lord Jesus’ presence cover you and all your family members in this bereavement.

    With Love Bro. John Cyrus

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  2. Love you appa. You were a true servant of God and what rejoicing in heaven as you meet your Savior. We will miss you but we will meet soon.

  3. Truly Apps was a disciplined man of God. His love for Jesus was always felt . He loved sharing about Jesus and I certainly tried emulating him in that aspect. I am never ashamed of talking about Jesus.i saw that example in his life. He will be remembered by many of us.

  4. Truly Apps was a disciplined man of God. His love for Jesus was always felt . He loved sharing about Jesus and I certainly tried emulating him in that aspect. I am never ashamed of talking about Jesu

  5. We are standing and upholding you in prayers to our Lord Jesus Christmas who is the alfa and omega of our life.you loved Dr John Richard we also loved him but there seems to be one who loved him more than all of us and that is our Lord Jesus Christmas.Please on behalf of my self my family and that of Kenya team receive our condolences.Bonface and Nancy.

  6. Revd D John Richard, dearly and respectfully called Thatha, had been ministering to me throughout my life without me being aware of it. Personally I met him in Syracuse in August 2017 when he and his son-in-law’s family welcomed my family on our first visit to the US. Though he was in his 90s he made it a point to attend the first birthday of my daughter Eliora and prayed for her. I saw him first praying in DBF service in 1992-92 . On reflection I realized that my father ( Supdt of our church Sunday school ) was trained by him through EFI Sunday School ministries and thus impacted my childhood. During my University days the speaking &evangelism ministry of his son Dr Ramesh ministered to me. I understood that a man devoted to God can touch people’s lives personally , through his lifeworks and even through his children. He was an example to follow, a reassurance to hold on to the Faith till the race is done. Praise be to God, thank you Jesus.

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