Please pray: a week of important meetings

Dear praying friends,

Dr. Ramesh Richard is gearing up for a stimulating week of meetings about RREACH’s immediate and future ministry.

Team members from around the globe are flying to Dallas to align in the rebalancing of RREACH ministry toward Dr. Richard’s proclamation and to address the acceleration and extension of GProCommission (the four-year follow-up to the GProCongress) activity.

Prayer is a key agenda item of each meeting, and we invite you to pray with us throughout this important week.

 Pray for:

  • the Holy Spirit’s clear leading in discussions of execution of strategies and roles/responsibilities
  • innovative collaboration and wise assessment
  • a spirit of enthusiasm, encouragement and unity
  • health and safety, and protection for loved ones


The Lord willing, Dr. Richard will also attend the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. Please intercede that the leadership of the U.S. will return to the founding value “In God we trust,” and that the nation will follow.

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