Seeking protection, provision & wisdom: Will you pray?

Dear praying friends,

This month Dr. Richard has turned his focus to finalizing plans for the next phase of his RREACH and Dallas Seminary ministry. Please intercede for God’s wisdom. His personal proclamation ministry, put primarily on hold during the GProCongress season, is flourishing. Pray especially that some friends he recently visited will draw closer to the Lord Jesus.

National GPA coordinator Rajiv Richard and his team have now scheduled 18 national GPAs for 2017. Pray for at least 25, and for protection and provision over the people and details involved in each one. GPA Romania is just two months away. Continue to pray for Dallas GPA applications, particularly from new and under-represented countries. To date, 13 of 25 pastors have been accepted and nine of 12 Master Coaches secured. Admissions interviews of the accepted pastors will begin in a couple of weeks and the difficult process of visa applications after that. Please ask God for discernment and favor.

GProCongress follow-up—the GProCommission for Trainers of Pastors—needs strong prayer support as it grows. Pray for the team, the technical platform, and for pastoral trainers around the globe to be significantly connected, united and strengthened.

Thank you for faithfully remembering Dr. Richard’s family, the RREACH staff and the RREACH board before the Lord, as well. Your prayers matter!


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