In his words: November update from Ramesh Richard

It’s 1:30 am, and I am about to leave for yet another flight…This last month, I sensed the next move in my post-Congress recovery: from revitalization to rejuvenation. Unsolicited, four people told me I looked much better than I did pre-Congress. I didn’t know that I looked that bad! I am feeling younger, though chronology always overrides feelings. I am grateful for the Lord’s sustenance.

It might have been the trip to Colorado Springs—who won’t feel younger going to the Garden of the Gods? Maybe it was hearing about the 1 million church-planting commitments from the organizations present at the Global Alliance of Church Movements. Many were present at the GProCongress in June, and they testified to how inspired they have become to see church health accompany church growth. Or it might have been the targeted speaking to the Christ for All Peoples gathering in Dallas. This is a huge time of opportunity in the uncertainty that has beset the nation, especially considering immigrants. We don’t have to travel anymore to reach the world we have tried to reach over the last 200 years of traditional missions.

It definitely was the four days fulfilling Bonnie’s life-dream to view the fall colors—from Pennsylvania through Virginia (Shenandoah Valley/Blue Ridge Mountains), to North Carolina and Tennessee (the Great Smokies), we watched the fiery red and brilliant orange testimonies to God’s creative artistry.

Finally, through providential intervention, I was able to speak at a youth festival in Asia. They asked me to bring the salvation message. We were overwhelmed by the response. Over 600 young people entrusted their eternal futures to the Lord Jesus Christ—a powerful scene that re-inflated the personal evangelistic proclamation tire of RREACH, which had slowly gone flat over the last four years of Congress preparation and management.

To close out the month, I spoke at two leadership summits to opinion leaders who have dedicated their professional careers to Christ in a majority pre-Christ environment.

Thank you for sending me all over this world for Christ and the Gospel.


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