Tired, but overjoyed

Dear praying friends,

On Monday morning, the documents necessary for his international trip that evening not yet released, Dr. Ramesh Richard packed his bag in faith. Ninety minutes before he was to leave for his flight, they arrived. He was off to southeast Asia thanks to the last-minute assistance of a dear friend in Houston and a quickly arranged road trip, all in God’s timing and providence.

Thursday Dr. Richard called RREACH, tired, but overjoyed. A significant number of young people responded to the Gospel invitation after his talk that day, and a later engagement with business leaders brought forth more amazing stories. “God gained the victory,” he said. Thank you for praying, dear intercessors! Pray for God’s continuing work in the lives of those who have made decisions and His speaking through Dr. Richard in several upcoming commitments.

Nine pastors have been accepted as candidates for the 2017 Dallas GPA, three from priority countries, and seven Master Coaches have been secured. Even as we ask God for more applicants and positive responses from requested Master Coaches, we ask Him to begin preparing the hearts and minds of those committed.

Pastoral training ideas, collaborations and connections from the GProCongress are taking exciting shape and direction. A recent telephone conversation between formal and non-formal trainers of pastors all over the world “pushed the limits of Skype,” according to one participant, but produced clarity for further dialogue and action steps for immediate implementation. Please intercede for the GProCommission follow-up team and this ongoing process.

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