Will you intercede?

Dear praying friends,

Thank you for lifting up Dr. Ramesh Richard and RREACH in prayer. God is providing and we have many praises to share! We ask you to continue to intercede for some updated needs below, as well.

Praise! The official documents Dr. Richard has been waiting on since the end of June have arrived in the U.S.! The process of getting them in hand will take several more business days, though, and he needs them in order to leave for a major speaking engagement in a little over a week. Please pray that the documents will arrive in time and contain no restrictions.

We also thank God for the growing activity on GProConneXt.com, the hub for connecting, resourcing and mobilizing pastoral trainers after the GProCongress. Ask the Lord for His continued guidance and blessing as the GProCommission team facilitates this global movement.

Praise God for progress toward the 2017 Dallas GPA. We have secured nearly half of the needed Master Coaches and have received a number of promising candidate applications. Intercede for the remaining Master Coaches needed, for more quality applications from new and under-represented countries, and for our selection process, especially as we only accept one delegate per country. National GPAs also need much prayer as we seek to more than double our goal for the number held each year.

Dr. Richard will be traveling again next week, the Lord willing, and Bonnie will be accompanying him. Pray for safety, joy and further post-GProCongress resuscitation.

Thank you!

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