In his words: October update from Ramesh Richard

Dear praying friends,

A three-culture ministry is what RREACH seeks to create and carry for both effectiveness and efficiency. The decade-long Global Proclamation Commission demands that we live out a culture of:

1. Praise and Prayer

In the spirit of the leper who returned to say thanks, we wanted to host a dinner of praise—no preaching, no fundraising, no distraction. What we thought would be a small turnout eventually grew to about 200 friends praising our Lord Jesus for His accomplishments through us at the GProCongress. We added a component of prayer for the world, and especially for our nation in the throes of election confusion. The resounding theme of the night? Our God Reigns (Psalm 96).

2. Follow-up, Follow-up, Follow-up

An event without follow-up is simply an activity. Follow-up is part of RREACH’s ethos, and it is one of the reasons I personally write and sign receipts to you, my dear donor-friend. After our Praise-Prayer evening last month, we met for an entire day of Congress follow-up decisions. Our GProCommission team of 10 (located all over the world) is actively working on maintaining momentum through

3. Relationships

We know God’s work moves by ideas, friends and resources. Friendship moves ideas forward. For the first time in over a dozen years, the Board (and spouses) of RREACH met for two days in lovely Colorado at a Board member’s home to prayerfully discuss the future. The next three months are crucial, as we prayerfully think through options for multi-faceted engagement. Would you pray for me, as I discern and process God’s best for this global proclamation ministry?

Our son Ryan’s client again invited me to travel, this time to Nairobi. Their financial capital is distributed by the human capital that RREACH has established worldwide to meet the needs of the economically-deprived. While there, I met with 25 of our Dallas GPA grads from that many countries in the great and growing Africa. All of us had grown older, but not duller, at the same pace! The 2017 Dallas GPA is already in planning. It is our signature project with deep, wide, large and long reach into our world. Many national GPAs are also planned for 2017. Please cover us!

I believe I have moved from resuscitation to the revitalization stage of post-Congress recovery. Thank you again for your timely generosity, which yields fruit worldwide. I appreciate your support so very much and need you/it more than ever before.



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