A sense of gratitude, calmness in a busy new season

Dear praying friends,
Late last week Dr. Richard and the RREACH board got away for a long-overdue retreat. God blessed their time with deepened camaraderie and insightful discussion of ministry strategy, structure and succession. God’s reaffirmation of RREACH’s mission and vision has given Dr. Richard a sense of gratitude and calmness as he evaluates the range of new opportunities opened by the GProCongress. Please pray that he will continue to be sensitive to God’s leading, from the panoramic to the particular.

Dr. Richard is eager to return to “personal proclamation” after his long administrative stint as Convener of the GProCongress. Pray for clarity and creativity as he studies, writes new material and prepares new talks. Also intercede for his upcoming trip to Africa and southeast Asia. Part of his itinerary is affected by still-delayed government documents. Ask God to make His path clear.

RREACH received its first applications for the 2017 Dallas GPA this week! Pray for many more recommendations, especially from under-represented countries, for the right 25 delegates, and for God’s favor on the visa process. Pray, too, as Master Coach invitations go out. Ask God to open schedules and bring the right 11.

Thank you for praying!

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