In his words: an update from Ramesh Richard

Dear praying friends,

Thank you for continuing to lift up Dr. Richard and RREACH in prayer. Please see a personal note from Dr. Richard below:

During this time of resuscitation from soul-entombment, I have stayed in the Scriptures. My journal records deep, spiritual movements towards fulfilling what God has placed before me. For example, the Book of Acts calls me to stay with the core ministry of RREACH (from which all else flows), much like the apostle Paul did. His/my personal proclamation gifting undergirds his/my global proclamation calling.

Or his Colossians injunction to Archippus: “See to it that you fulfill the ministry that you have received from the Lord” (4:17). I too shall “see to it.” A friend wrote to me saying, “I feel compelled to tell you to read Deuteronomy.” This was Israel’s second start, with clear injunctions to “possess” what God has given to them. If they/I retreated now, it would be unbelief, disobedience, rebellion! Pray for me not to go that route!

But I did go on a four-country Southeast Asia tour, because my son Ryan invited me to speak at one of his client’s meetings in Malaysia…and the client paid for it! (I took Ryan on his first overseas trip when he was 12.) Our latest trip included Singapore and Jakarta for the Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering, which I also attended 30 years ago. We ended up in Amman, Jordan, where I spoke at the 25th anniversary and graduation services of the Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary. I have had decades of wonderful friendship with their founder and leader.

I returned home to attend the Dallas Seminary faculty retreat, where the Academic Dean provided time for a six-faculty-member report on the GProCongress. The dominant sentiment? One of “disturbance”—we are the privileged elite, while most who need us don’t have access to us! I concluded the month by recording the final three short talks for our series “The Corruptionist” on, our pre-evangelistic foray on Facebook’s media platform. The talk on “Sexual Corruption” last month received a huge response. The talks all obviously point to our Savior.

 Thank you for praying! I think I am “back!” 



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