Please pray: 2017 Dallas GPA

Dear praying friends,

Please be in prayer for RREACH staff and the 2017 Dallas GPA as we begin the process of taking nominations for this three-week academy taking place in June on the campus of Dallas Seminary.

Tomorrow morning the emails requesting nominations from our Dallas GPA graduates and other referees from the pastoral training sector will be sent.

Please pray for the following:

  • That there will be no errors or problems with sending this important email.
  • That the referees and GPA graduates will submit to us the right pastors who meet the criteria to attend the Dallas GPA.
  • That there will be no issues with the potential delegates filling out the Dallas GPA application.
  • That there will be no issues or very minor issues with approved delegates obtaining visas this year.
  • For RREACH staff to respond and communicate with the referees and delegates with accuracy and swiftness.

Thank you!

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