Please pray: Continued recovery, National GPAs and more

Dear praying friends,

Dr. Ramesh Richard is beginning to pick up his pace after taking time to recover from his schedule leading up to and during the GProCongress for Pastoral Trainers.

Earlier this week he flew to southeast Asia to serve as a mentor at Lausanne’s Young Leaders Gathering 2016. While in the region, he is touching base with long-time friends, thanking them for their encouragement during the GProCongress season and giving them a glimpse of the momentum generated by the Congress.

His agenda next week expands to several speaking engagements and key meetings regarding GProCongress follow-up. His son Ryan is accompanying him on this trip.

Please pray for Dr. Richard’s continued recovery, especially with the physical demands of this trip. He says his brain is slightly ahead of his body in the recovery process.

Pray, too, for those organizing national GPAs in 2017. National GPAs are a strategic part of the GProCommission vision for 100,000 connected, united and strengthened pastoral leaders by 2020. RREACH’s goal for the next four years is to hold 25 national GPAs per year (up from 10 per year prior to the GProCongress). This will require much more coordination, as well as funding. The cost of a national GPA is $25,000.

Finally, yesterday 11 bombings took place in five different provinces in Thailand. Please ask God for His sustaining care for those affected and for the pastors ministering to them.

Remember all our brothers and sisters around the world in ongoing situations of devastation and need. Thank you for praying!


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