Congress needs: program development, delegates, funding

Dear praying friends,

God keeps providing opportunities, advances and affirmation for the GProCongress in spite of very real challenges Dr. Richard and the team face. Your prayer is essential, and we thank you. Please intercede for:

  • Congress program development
    • speaker/presenter procurement and preparation
    • careful planning and attention to detail for a smoothly-run schedule
    • coach recruitment
  • Congress recruitment and delegates – up to 5,000 from 200 countries
    • motivating the many who are interested to apply
    • provision for expenses of those in difficult areas/situations (RREACH is covering as much as possible while respecting delegates’ need to own part of the process)
    • mental and spiritual preparation
  • Congress funding – $1.1 million inspirational challenge by March 31 ($5m in 2016)
    • praise—we are halfway to our Inspirational Challenge goal
    • the Lord to move the right people at the right time to give, making it possible for many from less materially-advantaged circumstances to attend
    • positive response from foundations

The Lord willing, Dr. Richard travels to Washington, D.C., this week to meet a group of leaders from various parts of the Portuguese- and Spanish-speaking worlds and early next week will meet with leaders of the Arabic- and Russian-speaking worlds. Pray for mutual encouragement and good response to the GProCongress. We need more pastoral trainers from South America, Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East to attend.

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