Thank you for praying; glory to our Lord Jesus Christ!

Dear praying friends,

Because RREACH has sent a variety of emails out lately, we did not send you a specific prayer update and trusted you would pray concerning the contents of those other emails. As we draw to the end of the year, however, we want to specially thank you. Our great God has revealed more of Himself, sustained us through difficulty, and poured out immeasurable blessing because you prayed. And that is just what we have seen and experienced (look for our 2015 Year in Review next month). He is doing countless and immeasurable other things around the globe because you pray for Dr. Ramesh Richard and RREACH. Thank you! Praise be to God!

It is a privilege to be yoked together with you, dear brothers and sisters. We invite you to crown 2015 and inaugurate 2016 with us (Dr. Richard on a three day/three city/three Congress Vision event stretch in India) by trusting completely in, praying without ceasing for, and praising God for His total protection and global provision. To the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ and for the very best of many everywhere.

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