God’s goodness in Panama; GProCongress preparation

Dear praying friends,

RREACH is praising God for His unfailing goodness. Dr. Richard recently returned from a trip to Panama that included a pastors conference, pre-evangelistic event, GProCongress vision-casting event, RREACH Board meeting, and Sunday morning church service. Dallas GPA grads from Panama did a great job of coordinating everything, and God blessed the pre-evangelistic event with 15 expressing a decision for the Lord Jesus Christ and many more expressing interest in learning more.

GProCongress preparation continues at warp speed. Please pray for the team to wisely balance demands and for God’s continuing encouragement and strengthening of them. Also remember the following key areas:

  • up to 5,000 registrants
  • the right 185 speakers/presenters with strong follow-up
  • timely funding

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