GPA Thailand and GProCongress momentum

Dear praying friends,

GPA Thailand is underway with 21 pastors from many provinces. Organizers report delegates have connected quickly and are excited about the GPA. Because social/economic realities limit the amount of time these bi-vocational pastors can take off at one time, they plan to meet through Nov. 14 and then reconvene early next year for the final days. Pray for a great finish to this week and for God to bring them all back together for the highly important remaining days and graduation.

gpa grads thailand

GPA grads who organized GPA Thailand: Pastor O (2009), Pastor W (2015), Pastor T (2013) and Pastor R (2012)

We thank God for blessing Dr. Richard with a very fruitful trip to Turkey. Please ask Him to increase the GProCongress momentum built there, and to spread it far and wide. Also pray for endurance, joy and discernment as, the Lord willing, Dr. Richard meets with strategic GProCongress partners in Florida on Friday, participates in Camino Global’s 125th anniversary on Saturday, and leaves for Southeast Asia again on Monday. Pray for more GProCongress fruit from crucial countries, some of which Dr. Richard has not visited in some time, on this next trip.

Thank you!

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