Midway through Dallas GPA, one year until GProCongress

Dear praying friends,

Week two of the 2015 Dallas GPA has begun! Thank you for your prayers. This year’s 26 delegates come from Asia, Africa, South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. After a week of intentional relationship-building and the weekend with local host families, several have expressed the conviction to be more global in ministry outlook. Continue to pray for this bonding, for sensitivity to each Master Coach’s message, and for overall protection as they move through the middle stretch of the GPA.

Yesterday Dr. Richard was in the classroom with the pastors. The rest of the week he continues to be involved with the GPA while also preparing his message for the graduation and attending to several upcoming speaking engagements and GProCongress (just one year away!) details. We praise God for providing a Congress program manager. Please pray for good progress in pulling a dynamic and beneficial program together. Also intercede for strategic connections Dr. Richard would like to make over the next few months.

To receive more in-depth Dallas GPA and/or GProCongress prayer news, please contact mary@rreach.org.

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