2015 Dallas GPA has begun: Special request for week one

Dear Praying Friends:

“What you have heard from me, keep as the pattern of sound teaching, with faith and love in Christ Jesus.” 2 Timothy 1:13


-For the safe arrival of all 26 pastors.

-That the one pastor who was feeling ill is better and the other pastor whose luggage was missing has arrived.

-For a wonderful opening day, making the pastors feel especially welcome and setting the tone for a good GPA experience.

-For the very practical study outline provided by Dr. Ramesh Richard that helps train our pastors in biblical preaching.


-That the pastors would be encouraged by and attentive to the Master Coaches of the first week: Dr. Ramesh Richard, Dr. David Dockery, Dr. Bill Brown, Dr. George Murray and Dr. Bryan Chapell.

-For clarity and effectiveness of instruction from the Master Coaches.

-For the fellowship of the 2015 GPA pastors to overflow into lifelong ministry partnerships with each other and with previous GPA graduates.

-As each pastor gives a formal ministry report, for the entire group to be stirred to glorify God (cf. Acts 14:27.)

-That the time the pastors spend one-on-one will develop into rich bonds of personal and ministry partnerships.

-For wisdom as the pastors consider the best uses for the material they are gathering.

-For the lessons to speak to the personal heart of each pastor. May they sense the leading of the Spirit.

-For good attendance at Global Impact meals.

-That the remainder of Dallas GPA funding is received and that the Lord provides for half of the pastors’ airfare.

-That all events during the Dallas GPA will be well planned and attended.

-Protection over and unity among the RREACH staff.


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