Tremendous turnout of Nepali pastors; Dallas GPA about to begin

Dear praying friends,

Dr. Richard spent an intense and rewarding day with about 200 Nepali pastors and wives in Kathmandu last week. About 20 GPA Nepal graduates and four Dallas GPA graduates from Nepal were there and expressed deep thanks to him and to those behind the scenes who prayed and worked and gave to send him to minister to them at this very difficult time. Thank you for your part in blessing them.

GProCongress-driven engagements had Dr. Richard in Hong Kong on Sunday; he visits two more countries before he heads back for the Dallas GPA. Strides are being made toward securing a Program Manager by June 1. A significant portion of funds to resource the Congress is needed over the next 18 months, $5 million by the end of 2015. Please continue to pray over these.

The 2015 Dallas GPA—21 rigorous days—is just days away. Praise be to God, 26 candidates, five from new countries, now have visas! Some arrive, the Lord willing, in a few days. Pray the Lord’s protection and provision over them, their families and ministries, and the Master Coaches as they prepare and come. Please also ask protection and provision over the RREACH, GPA and DTS staff involved, and Dr. Richard and his family, who have had many rigorous days getting ready. Thank you!

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