Note from Ramesh as he begins 11-day, 4-country, 5-stop trip

Do pray for me, brothers and sisters:

I started an 11-day, 4-country, 5-stop tour early today. Pray for health and strength and favor and usefulness. If the Lord wills, I am hoping to be with about 100 Nepali pastors and wives for a day of encouragement on Thursday. May the Lord make it a mighty moment for His purposes.

We are planning to make a big mobilization push for the GProCongress starting June 1. I am to touch down in three countries for this. We are also on the verge of securing a Program Manager. Please pray for these and for additional progress in both public and private sides of the agenda.

Finally, pray that we will have 25 pastors at the Dallas GPA, starting June 7 and ending the 27th, when RREACH will launch the “Year of the Congress.” We have exactly 25 pastors with visas, but have lost 40%–15 carefully chosen pastors–to US visa issues, and only one more pastor can come in at this late date. Pray for his upcoming visa appointment. I wish for at least 25 to be there.

Grateful for all your support,


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