Nepal earthquake: pastors facing great work

In the wake of the massive earthquake that just hit Nepal, RREACH has word that five of six Dallas GPA grads have been accounted for. “We have national GPA guys to account for, as well,” Dr. Ramesh Richard says. “And RREACH hosted about 1,400 pastoral leaders in Kathmandu a few years ago.

“We have had a deep history with this land hugely responsive to the Gospel over the last 60 years. I remember when there were about five Christians in Nepal, and we would pray for the persecution to stop. Yesterday, was the 100th anniversary of the Nepali Bible translation. Of course, Chile’s volcano was apocalyptic. Then there are the European migrant, Middle Eastern refugee, and so many other terrible situations. We are to be more urgent about the Lord’s work, for ‘night comes when no man can work’ says our Lord.”

Just two weeks ago 2014 Dallas GPA grad Pastor AC moved from a remote area to Kathmandu. “I can see God’s hands on this move,” he wrote. “The leaders … have come to the conclusion that it is God who is calling me for a greater work.” As we pray for all affected, especially remember pastors and their families. The work is great, and night is coming.

2 thoughts on “Nepal earthquake: pastors facing great work

  1. Thanks so much for the update. I was wondering about Christians in Nepal and if any had attended a GPA. “It is coming”, I said to Susie Day at the women’s conference today at Lakepointe as I was introducing her to another missionary friend. She replied, “He is coming”, and “ISIS is coming as well” as she mentioned the earthquake in Nepal.

    Certainly the Lord is giving all a chance to come to know him with signs such as these. I have been praying for the Nepalese people to turn to Christ as they wonder about the situation in their country at this time. I heard from Sheriff Daniel today that the quake was felt in Calcutta as well.

    God bless you all as you minister to the lost.

    Fran Wright

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