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Dear praying friends,

GPA Nicaragua—another country with great needs—goes into its first full day today! Please ask the Lord’s blessing on the pastoral delegates, master coaches and organizers, as well as their families while they are away. Pray for these young leaders to be connected, united and strengthened in a special way for an entire lifetime.

GPA Nicaragua pastors start the morning with worship

GPA Nicaragua pastors start the morning with worship

Thirty-three candidates have now been accepted to this year’s Dallas GPA; eleven have U.S. visas—one just granted yesterday. The process of getting U.S. visas this year has been unusually difficult. Residents of some countries are finding it difficult to enter even with U.S. visas. RREACH takes great care to abide by national policies, and every single Dallas GPA delegate has returned, as promised, to his home country. We ask you to pray for the Lord’s favor on the four pastors who have yet to apply for their visas, as well as those who will be reapplying. We appreciate your intercession on behalf of all who live in difficult areas.

Dr. Richard met an important GProCongress program deadline last week. Thank you for lifting him up! Please continue to ask the Lord to provide a Congress program director. More key meetings, some video-recording projects and preparation for upcoming speaking engagements are on his schedule this week. Pray for these, too.