Fervent request for Middle East situation from an Acquaintance

Dear praying friends,

Dr. Richard has been burdened by the terrible events unfolding in the Middle East and wishes to ask all of us to pray urgently and fervently. This morning he received an urgent circular with horrific pictures from an acquaintance requesting worldwide prayer.

“This is so unbearable to behold, but we are not called to describe or analyze the incident, but to be moved with urgency to PRAY:

  • that God will give Christians the strength to endure and be at peace amidst this evil.
  • that their faith and love for the Lord will only increase, so that they will testify to the glory of the Lord.
  • for their miraculous deliverance, in accordance to God’s will.
  • for a miraculous intervention in the lives of the persecutors, that they will be transformed to be powerful evangelists for the Lord, just like Saul was transformed to Paul.”

We are not aware of any GPA pastors being directly affected, although many minister in tragic situations in that region and elsewhere. Pray for U.S. visas for fine, selected pastors who are to attend the Dallas GPA 2015 and are being denied because of the world situation. These realities are part of why Dr. Richard presses on to connect, unite and equip large numbers of pastors around the world. Over recent weeks he been able to make valuable connections and spend quality time on the GProCongress program. Thank you for praying, and please continue to lift Congress program and mobilization efforts to the Lord.

Also, GPA Nicaragua is set to begin next week. Pray for the Lord’s protection and for delegates to be specially connected, united and strengthened.

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