GPA Cuba: Accomplished!

Dear praying friends,

GPA Cuba: Accomplished! Thank you for praying. The 32 delegates raved about the teaching and attested the GPA was the “biggest time” they and their wives had had in their lives. Some RREACH friends with a heart for Cuba helped fund the GPA and sent a team to lead a special track for the pastors’ wives. Praise God and pray that the fruit of GPA Cuba will multiply to His glory.

Cuba Graduation

Cuba National GPA Graduates

Would you also lift up the following items?

  • Total protection and global provision for every moment and detail concerning the GProCongress.
  • Dr. Richard and Bonnie spending time away together this weekend, the Lord willing.
  • Preparations for the Dallas GPA and selection of just the right pastors. To date, 18 pastors have been accepted and six have visas.

We appreciate you.

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