Prayer Multiplying!

Dear praying friends,

God is answering our prayer for Dr. Richard and the rapidly approaching Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers—and multiplying it. Dr. Richard received the following note after an engagement in Spokane, Washington, last week:

Your message…today was the most challenging subject and prayer request we have had in 2014. As we have learned about the Global Proclamation Congress in 2016, our minds have been increasingly stretched. But today you hit us with exponential expansion as you described the problems of pastoral development and training and the scope of the GProCongress in Bangkok.

There is now a greater sense of urgency in our interceding for you and the GProCongress, and all those missionaries in the world’s fields…. Between now and June 2016, the GProCongress is a major, weekly prayer point of ours.

Multiplied prayer according to the Lord’s will is multiplied power. Thank you, prayer partners, for your faithful intercession. Points of prayer to lift up this week:

  • Praise for safe travels, endurance and encouragement through the demands of Dr. Richard’s recent schedule.
  • GPA Cuba (January 2015) – preparation is going well. Pray for nine more pastors to attend.
  • 2015 Media Outreach message filming – the first of Dr. Richard’s short videos will be filmed Thursday morning, Dec. 18, the Lord willing.
  • Time away for Dr. Richard and Bonnie – Dr. Richard hopes to get away with his closest and most sacrificial ministry partner—his wife, Bonnie—this weekend. Please pray for refreshment.

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