A moment for praise

Dear friends,

Thank you for your continued prayer for Dr. Richard and RREACH. Please take a moment to share in our praise for the many ministry opportunities God has blessed us with over the last month.

Personal Proclamation

Brazil: The Lord answered our prayers for Dr. Richard’s trip to Brazil in a mighty way. About 100 people, 50 percent non-believers, gathered for the evangelistic event, at which Dr. Richard’s talk was translated by our 2014 Dallas GPA grad from Brazil, Pastor N. Sixty people turned in response cards, with 30 of them indicating they had decided to trust the Lord Jesus Christ. A Palestinian attendee said this was the first time he had enjoyed hearing about Jesus.

Greece: We praise God for a recent opportunity for Dr. Richard to travel to Greece—his first time in this land of significant Christian history—where he had the opportunity to encourage Campus Crusade for Christ Global Operations Conference attendees. While visiting Mars Hill, the site where the Apostle Paul proclaimed the Lord Jesus Christ to the very religious (but pagan) people of Athens, Dr. Richard was asked by the tour guide to speak briefly and pray. It was a moving experience for this servant, whom God has gifted and called to proclaim the Lord Jesus.

Ministry Training:

Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers: Praise the Lord, RREACH has confirmed the venue for the 2016 GProCongress. The event will take place at the world-class IMPACT Center outside of Bangkok.

The Congress seed team met in September to discuss logistics and program issues, and is meeting today and tomorrow to focus on recruitment and program. Please continue to pray for excellent communication, creativity and efficient execution of tasks toward the Congress.

Also praise the Lord for key GProCongress connections He provided during Dr. Richard’s trips to Brazil and Greece, as well as during quick stops in London and Vienna while traveling to and from Greece.

Dr. Richard also has been invited to present the Congress to the Global Alliance for Church Multiplication gathering in San Diego, California. The GACX is working to facilitate the planting of 5 million churches by 2020—but up to 70 percent of church plants fail. They need adequately trained pastors, and RREACH’s GProCommission vision to connect, unite and strengthen 100,000 pastoral leaders by 2020, for which the GProCongress for Pastoral Trainers is a key catalyst, will help meet that need.

National GPAs: Twenty-four pastors from around the country attended GPA Botswana last month, most of them very young, which was to be expected given that the evangelical community in Botswana is only 20-30 years old. Pastor B, a Dallas GPA grad who organized GPA Botswana, was, for example, elected head of the Evangelical Fellowship of Botswana at age 28.


GPA Botswana attendees

Attendees were especially diligent in their studies, which bore fruit during the graduation ceremony when one attendee preached a sermon that “blew us all away,” according to a RREACH staff member who attended.

2015 Dallas GPA: We have begun accepting applications to the 2015 Dallas GPA. Please pray for more applicants from countries never before represented at a Dallas GPA, as well as an increase in qualified applicants and additional response from our referees.

Media Outreach:

Dr. Richard is beginning work on his 2015 Media Outreach messages. Although the platform has changed, this is RREACH’s 16th year undertaking an effort to use the power of media to share the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ.

For the last couple of years, RREACH has harnessed the reach and power of social media to share this message. Visitors to RREACH’s LifeRocks Facebook page (which has garnered 545,000-plus “likes”) are driven to our program-specific http://www.LifeRocks.org website where they can watch a pre-evangelistic message by Dr. Richard, register for more information and connect with our follow-up evangelism team.

For His glory,
Edie Ross
Prayer Coordinator

1 thought on “A moment for praise

  1. Edie: I am thrilled to hear all this good news and have just prayed for all your requests. Chuck and I were in New York recently and every cab driver we had was from India so I shared the info on your website with them.

    Fran Wright

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