Dallas GPA: June 16

Dear friends:

Thank you for your intentional prayer for the Dallas GPA. We are happy to report these ways we are seeing prayer answered:

  • The pastors had a great time in Sherman. Praise the Lord for good connections with their host families and the churches there. One pastor reported that he felt so valued by everyone involved. This is a huge praise for pastors who are used to ministering in isolated and sometimes thankless positions.
  • Also praise the Lord that the Master Coaches’ lessons are impacting the pastors at a deep level. Pastor J from Mozambique had this to say about a lesson Master Coach Celestin Musekura gave on forgiveness and reconciliation:

“The session yesterday was about forgiveness and to consider reconciliation. It was very strong. I’ve never heard anyone describe and live the forgiveness and to consider reconciliation like that… There are no words.”

Please continue to pray for the 2014 Dallas GPA as we enter week two:

  • Continue to pray for Pastor L’s daughter in Hungary, who is still ill.
  • Pray for the Master Coaches who are teaching this week: Dr. Ramesh Richard, Dr. Dennis Hollinger, Dr. Barry Corey, Dr. Bill Lawrence and Dr. Wayne Strickland. Pray that the pastors will begin this week with enthusiasm, excitement and eagerness to learn and to bond with each other. Pray for the pastors as they work on their homework this week.
  • Pray for the pastors as they prepare to give presentations about their home churches and ministry activities.
  • Pray that each of the pastors will bond with at least one other pastor on a deep level this week.
  • Pray for the pastors to get adequate rest this week as the schedule can be demanding. Pray for the health of each of the pastors. Pray for the pastors’ families at home as they continue without their husbands and fathers.
  • Pray that the GPA Chaplain will minister and bless the pastors this week, helping with any issues or problems as they arise.
  • Pray that administrative and logistical tasks go as planned and that all behind-the-scenes work is carried out with excellence.
  • Pray that those who attend a Global Impact lunch this week will be encouraged by how God is working around the world through the 2014 Dallas GPA delegates.
For His glory,
Edie Ross
Prayer Coordinator

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