Dallas GPA: June 13

Dear Friends:

Thank you for your continued prayer for the 2014 Dallas GPA. We are at the end of the first week and are praising God for all He has done and is doing through the 2014 delegates.

We also are thankful to a handful of churches in Sherman, who are partnering together to host all 25 pastors in that community over the weekend.

Please continue to pray for the 2014 Dallas GPA:

  • For the pastors as they finish their first week of classes.
  • For safety in travel to Fort Worth tonight as the pastors attend a rodeo and for bonding opportunities to occur.
  • That each of the pastors will get adequate rest and relaxation over the weekend. Pray that the pastors and host families will be safe over the weekend as they enjoy fun activities.
  • That the church services the pastors will attend with their host families are meaningful and encouraging to the pastors. Pray that the pastors will make lasting connections with their host families and the churches they visit for future encouragement and mutual benefit.
  • For the home churches of each of the pastors as their Sunday services continue in their absence. Pray for the families of the pastors and their continued safety and well-being.
  • That each of the pastors returns safely to DTS Sunday evening.
  • That each of the pastors will be humble servants and that God gives them wisdom as they contemplate implementing what they learned this week in their home churches and ministries. Pray that God will enrich the pastors in their knowledge, understanding and commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ and His worldwide church.
For His glory,
Edie Ross
Prayer Coordinator

1 thought on “Dallas GPA: June 13

  1. God is always faithful. He answers our prayers the way he judge them necessary, either positive or negative. Thank you for sharing the prayer needs. God is not a man to come too late into a situation. Sem & Eunice Beasnael (Moundou, Chad. Africa)

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