Dallas GPA: June 11

Dear friends:

Thank you for continuing to pray for the 2014 Dallas GPA.

An update for you:

  • Pastor J from the Dominican Republic is feeling better. Praise God that the medication has helped his rash, and he is able to return to class today.
  • The printer is fixed, kind of. It will print some documents, but not others. Please continue to pray that we’d have no further technology problems!


  • For the very practical study outline provided by Dr. Ramesh Richard that helps train our pastors in biblical preaching.
  • For the integrity and good reputation that brought the 2014 delegates to the GPA.

Please continue to pray for the 2014 Dallas GPA. Pastor V from Liberia prayed this over the first day of classes yesterday. We hope you begin to see the heart of these pastors and the importance of these three weeks as you read his words. Please join us in joining him in this prayer!

Lord Jesus, we may not be (intellectuals) as a class of pastors, and yet there is so much we will have to absorb, digest and apply. Help the master coaches to be precise and to communicate with power that our hearts and minds will fully receive. At the same time, if you could teach Peter and the others who were considered “unlearned men”, and turned them into men who turned the world upside down for you, help me and my brothers today. We lean on your Holy Spirit, our teacher and the giver of true wisdom… It’s so easy for you to do, Lord and more. Thank you for doing this, in the name of Christ Jesus I pray, amen…

Also pray:

  • For the pastors’ churches and families. Two pastors asked for prayer for their children, who had become ill. Pastor V from Liberia also asked for prayer for his church, which has had two members pass away while he’s been away.
  • That the time the pastors spend one-on-one will develop into rich bonds of personal and ministry partnerships.
  • For the Master Coaches scheduled for the remainder of the week. Pray for their sensitivity to the Spirit and clarity in teaching.
  • For wisdom as the pastors consider the best uses for the material they are gathering.
  • For the lessons that speak to the personal heart of each pastor. May they sense the leading of the Spirit.
  • For good attendance at Global Impact meals.
  • Pray that all secured host families won’t run into any issues that would prevent them from hosting.
For His glory,
Edie Ross
Prayer Coordinator

1 thought on “Dallas GPA: June 11

  1. Thank you so much for sharing all these news for prayer. God is in control. you can count on our prayer. We ae together. Sem & Eunice, Moundou, Chad. Africa.

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