Dallas GPA: June 9 UPDATE

6/10 Update: Please pray for Pastor J from the Dominican Republic, who has developed a bad rash that is causing significant discomfort and also has kept him from sleeping. He was able to see a nurse practitioner this morning and she prescribed some medicine, which we hope will provide quick relief. 

Please pray that Pastor J’s body would respond, and also that the rash does not get worse or cause a fever, in which case he may need more serious medical attention. 

Dear friends:

Thank you for your intercession for the Dallas GPA and these international pastors who take the message of Christ throughout the earth. We had a wonderful first weekend with the pastors, including trips to two local churches and the Dallas Arboretum.

first weekend

Please join us in praying for pastors’ requests:

  • Pastor V from Liberia: Please pray for his wife, who had an asthma attack after he left.
  • Pastor S from Cambodia: Please pray for his wife and newborn baby, who was born the day before he came to Dallas!

We praise God:

  • For the safe arrival of all pastors.
  • For the connection pastors already have made to each other.
  • For the generosity of those families and churches who showed hospitality in various ways for the pastors over their first weekend in Dallas.

Please continue to pray for the 2014 Dallas GPA:

  • That the pastors would be encouraged by and attentive to the Master Coaches of the first week: Dr. Ramesh Richard, Dr. Celestin Musekura, Dr. Bruce Fong, Dr. Bill Brown and Dr. Mark Yarbrough.
  • For clarity and effectiveness of instruction from the Master Coaches.
  • That the fellowship among 2014 Dallas GPA pastors would overflow into lifelong ministry partnerships with each other and with those who have previously graduated from the Dallas GPA.
  • As each pastor gives a formal ministry report, may the entire group be stirred to glorify God.
  • Against further technology problems. Our main office printer stopped working late last week! Pray that it would be fixed quickly.
For His glory,
Edie Ross
Prayer Coordinator

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