Meet the 2014 Dallas GPA delegates

Dear friends,
Thank you for your continued prayer for Dr. Richard and RREACH! Over the next three weeks we will have many GPA-related prayer requests to share with you. Today, we’d like to help you get to know the pastors.

The Lord has provided 25 fine, young lead pastors from 25 countries, including four never represented before at a Dallas GPA (Bhutan, Cambodia, Nicaragua and Angola.

RREACH staff and Dr. Richard have been in contact with these pastors over the last few months and are eagerly awaiting their arrival. Correspondence with this group has been encouraging and also enlightening to us, and we wanted to share a few of their notes with you.

“It has already been a challenging time for us just preparing to honor the dedication we feel you and all the GPA team has for serving us with a Christ-like heart and attitude. We appreciate that very much. Please, know in Christ that you and all the GPA team and efforts have been in our hearts and prayers daily. I believe it won’t stop even after the GPA June, 2014 happens. I feel, as I think you dreamed in the beginning, as we are like the Family of God Christ intended the Church to be. Dreaming, praying and acting together for the Glory of the Father.” – Pastor N, Brazil

“I live in community where there is no electricity. I need to pay to get my laptop charged and some times even though I have the money they are not ready to charge it, so some time even though I would like do something very quick it takes me time. I have a lot to do and I praise the Lord for having lots to do for His glory.” -Pastor A, Haiti (writing about his delay in sending needed information)

“Sometimes I feel a bit anxious as I think of this trip. I cannot wait to come. It is going to be one of the longest trips I have ever had. It will be my first time to be in the USA. You can just imagine. It is going to be an experience. I am always praying for the GPA team and for a fruitful experience.” -Pastor J, Zimbabwe

Please pray for the delegates:

  • That all of the GPA pastors will have safe travels, ease going through customs, no flight delays, no missed transfers and that their luggage will arrive in Dallas. Also, please pray that the pastors enjoy good rest while on the plane and a quick recovery from jet lag. Pray that each airport pickup goes smoothly.
  • That the pastors’ spouses, children and families are safe and well taken care of during this extended time away. Pray that each of the pastors will be able to contact their spouses after arriving in Dallas.

Please pray for Dallas GPA preparations:

  • For Dallas Theological Seminary as they finalize rooms, classrooms and menus in preparation for the arrival of the pastors.
  • For RREACH staff as we welcome the pastors to Dallas and the United States, that we can meet their needs and assist them as they begin their three-week GPA stay.

Please pray for Dr. Richard:

  • That God would use him as he welcomes and leads the ninth class of the Dallas GPA.
  • For time, clarity of thought and creativity for him and the other Master Coaches as they prepare their lessons for the Dallas GPA.
  • For God to supply him the energy he needs during the three-week Dallas GPA.
For His glory,
Edie Ross
Prayer coordinator

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