Notes from the pastors

Dear friends,

Thank you for continuing to pray for Dr. Richard and RREACH. As we prepare for the 2014 Dallas GPA here at the RREACH headquarters, other RREACH ministries are being carried out by Dallas GPA graduates around the world.

On Sunday, GPA Rwanda came to a close. We are awaiting a final report, but heard from one of the organizers (Pastor JB, a 2014 Dallas GPA graduate) that 30 young pastors were in attendance.

GPA rwanda

Pastors were connected and united by sharing their testimonies, visiting area churches together and even through friendly games of volleyball. They also were strengthened by lessons on expository preaching using Dr. Richard’s Scripture Sculpture method.

All of the National GPAs are special, but this one was a great encouragement to us as it included a man we have longed to see. Right before GPA Rwanda began, we received a note from Pastor I from Rwanda, who was accepted as a 2014 Dallas GPA delegate, but was denied his visa and therefore unable to attend.

I once again want to thank you for following up with me even when my visa application was rejected. Yesterday, I received a call from Dallas referring me to the national GPA here and I immediately contacted Pastor E and Pastor JB. So, it’s my pleasure to inform you that I will be able to attend the national GPA here in Kigali starting today. As we are still praying for each other, may God bless you abundantly. In his service, Pastor I.

Pastor I (Right) and Rajiv Richard at GPA Rwanda

Pastor I (Right) and Rajiv Richard at GPA Rwanda

Please continue to pray for Pastor I and all of the GPA Rwanda delegates as they take the training they received back to their home churches and villages.

Dallas GPA

Thank you for continuing to pray for the pastors attending the Dallas GPA. As you know, Pastor A from Syria was selected and obtained his visa, but was waiting to receive his passport. He wrote recently to let us know that, because of elections there, he does not believe he will receive it in time. He said this:

I do believe that our Almighty God is able to do miracles. But, on the other hand I know there are many arrangements you have to do, that’s why I thought to apologize, although my coming would add a lot to my life and ministry as well.

My church and I were so encouraged and personally I was interested and waiting to be part of GPA 2014 with high expectations…

Will be praying for you all and for GPA 2014. Please keep holding me on your prayers.

Please also continue to pray for *25 2014 Dallas GPA delegates who will be joining us, the Lord willing, in Dallas in just under two weeks! Stay tuned for a closer look at who we are expecting to join us this year.

For His glory,
Edie Ross
Prayer Coordinator 

 *Pastors with secured visas represent the following countries: Angola, Bangladesh, Brazil, Bhutan, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Fiji, Haiti, Hungary, Indonesia, Lebanon, Liberia, Mexico, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nepal, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Togo, Trinidad and Zimbabwe.

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